20 Traffic offences in Lagos and the penalties

Lagos State is one of the most populous cities in Africa, and even in Nigeria yet one of the smallest in size. It was once the capital of Nigeria, but in the capital was changed to Abuja.

Lagos is known as a metropolitan city that offers many opportunities for anyone looking to become successful; it is a city of dreams for many. For this reason alone, many Nigerians from all over the country look for ways to gain entrant into Lagos state to clinch a job role that will catapult them to the pinnacle of success. But the saying ‘the more you look, the less you see’ is synonymous to the realities of living in Lagos State.

As a result of the number of people who migrate to Lagos from all over Nigeria and Africa in search of ‘greener pastures’ Lagos is over populated with persons from different backgrounds and walks of life. Due to its over population, Lagos roads are always filled with people plying the roads to commute to their day to day businesses. Also due to over population, Lagos records one of the highest number of road accidents annually in Nigeria.

Traffic offences in Lagos
Traffic offences in Lagos

Many persons are using the road at the same time and the need for commuting on the road in Lagos, to be regulated is a necessity. In Lagos, people attend certified driving schools, obtain their driver’s licensing, but how many people are familiar with the traffic rules and regulations in Lagos State? How many people understand the traffic signs and road signs they see on the road. You may have experienced being stopped abruptly by a Lagos State Traffic Management Officer, do you know what offense you committed?

To avoid putting yourself at risk with law enforcement agents, why don’t you take a few minutes of your time to learn and know the traffic offences in Lagos State and their penalties?

Traffic offences in Lagos 1
Traffic offences in Lagos

Traffic offenses in Lagos and the penalties

Traffic offencePenalty
Do not drive in Lagos State if you are under the age of 18 years.The penalty for driving in Lagos State under the age of 18 is N30, 000.
Do not drive without a driver’s license in Lagos State.The vehicle will be impounded by the appropriate officials.
Do not drive with a fake driver’s license.Six months imprisonment for anyone caught.
Do not drive with a fake number plate.If caught, the offender pays N30, 000 or spends up to 3 years behind bars.
Do not drive in Lagos State with forged vehicle particulars.Six months behind bars for the offender if caught.
Disobeying a LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Agency) Officer.This traffic offence in Lagos state is penalized by paying a fine of N30, 000 or vehicle impoundment.
Not displaying a Hackney permit while driving.This offence attracts vehicle impoundment.
Driving on a Lagos road without road worthiness.The vehicle will be impounded by the appropriate authorities.
Driving an only yellow car (cab drivers).The erring party will pay N80, 000 and must paint the car to the appropriate colours after payment (Black and yellow).
Driving a commercial vehicle without a Hackney permit.The commercial vehicle will be impounded by LASTMA officials.
Driving a kabu kabu without an official permit. A kabu kabu is used to move goods efficiently from one place to another in Lagos State. Kabu kabu is the localized indigenous name.If caught, the kabu kabu should be impounded.
Driving on a Lagos road without full lights.A fine of N50, 000 should be paid.
Driving with worn out tyres.A fine of N30, 000 if your tyres are suspected to be worn out.
Driving without a spare tyre. A spare tyre is needed in case of an unforeseen emergency.A fine of N30, 000 will be paid if after inspection, you are not with a spare tyre for your car.
Do not smoke while driving.If caught, a fine of N30, 000 is paid or the vehicle is impounded.
Driving without a fire extinguisher in your car.A fine of N30, 000 would be paid to FRSC or LAWMA.
Never engage in a physical battle with a road or traffic officer.You will be charged a fine of N50, 000 or you spend a period of 6 months behind bars.
Driving on the road with a broken windscreen.You will pay a fine of N30, 000 if caught with one. (Fixing your windscreen is cheaper I promise.)
Driving on a one way. This is when you are driving one way on a road just to beat traffic. There are some roads in Lagos, which are one way lanes.If you are caught, you will spend 3 years (36 months) in prison. (Just avoid it).
Driving without a seatbelt. The problem here is why would you drive on any road without a seatbelt? You are risking your life and the life of your passengersThis offence attracts a fine of N30, 000.

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