5 Reasons Why Nigerian Celebrities Love Exotic Cars

Recently, there’s been an increase in Nigerian celebrities purchasing exotic cars. Even those with exotics cars keep buying more. Have you ever wondered what the reasons behind buying exotics cars could be? Is it to drive them around, or are there other reasons?

After some search, we have gathered relevant information on why exotic cars are popular amongst celebrities. This article will highlight five of those reasons you should also know.

Main Reasons Why Every Nigerian Celebrity Prefers Exotic Cars

One thing to note is that the reason for owning exotic cars isn’t just as a means of transportation. They could easily buy or ride any car if it were to be. Here are the reasons why they own exotic cars.

  1. Exotic Cars Have Great Market Value

The market value of exotic cars like Lamborghini, Lexus SUV, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, and other cars cannot be compared to other cars’ value.

Owning an exotic car is equally an investment. Most celebrities purchase these cars as an investment. If there’s ever any need to be resold, there’s always room to earn as much money spent buying them. Therefore, exotic cars are smart investments.

  1. The Lifestyle Reason

One main thing about exotic cars is that they’re a lifestyle indicator. The type of car you drive speaks volumes. And in Nigeria, where the class is everything, driving an exotic car is also a class thing for many celebrities.

  1. Keeping Up With Trends

Many celebrities do not purchase new exotic cars because they don’t have a car to ride. It’s most times an urge to keep up with trends. There’s always the excitement of keeping up with the latest car trends, and many Nigerian celebrities want to participate.

  1. Building A Car Collection 

Like people build jewellery, bags, clothes, shoes, and hair collections, others enjoy building car collections. Like other celebrities, some Nigerian celebrities understand the importance of having a car collection.

A car collection shows taste, class, and the depth of your pocket. A car collection is also an investment.

  1. Incomparable Performance To Other Cars

Having and driving exotic cars is an experience on its own. There’s a reason manufacturers of exotic cars pour high-tech features into them. The reason is to let them stand apart from other cars.

There is a wide margin in exotic and regular cars’ performance. This difference in performance is undoubtedly thrilling for car lovers. It provides maximum comfort, and it’s impossible to be a celebrity in Nigeria without wanting the maximum comfort an exotic ride provides.


Despite how absurd it might seem that Nigerian celebrities are obsessed with exotic cars, there’s always a reason behind an action. And this article shares some of those reasons you should know.

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