6 Helpful Tips On How To Baby – Proof Your Car – make your Baby comfortable

The moment you have a baby, it comes with many readjustments in your life. These adjustments also include your car(s). If you take your baby along with you, babyproofing your car is essential.

From the moment you’ve left the hospital, the baby’s safety and well-being lie on you. While you’re baby-proofing your house, pay attention to the ways you should baby-proof your car as well.

A Car Baby Seat
A Car Baby Seat

In this article, we share six helpful tips any new parent with a car can follow to babyproof their car on the arrival of a new baby.

Six Ways To Baby Proof A Car For Safety

Child safety inside the car is essential, and that’s why many cars designed today come with child safety tips. When you’re driving, there’s every possibility you can’t see behind you. It makes it challenging to keep an eye on your baby while driving.

But, with baby proof, you can drive safely without worrying about your baby’s safety.

  1. Baby Car Seat

Install an infant car seat that your baby can easily fit into. The importance of infant car seats is that it steadies the baby and keeps them away from danger.

Having infant car seats is essential especially considering the nature of Nigerian roads. Once your baby is safe and secure in the seat, they’ll not be affected by the potholes and bumps on the road.

  1. Install A Car Seat Monitor 

A car seat monitor informs you when the infant seat straps detach or loosen. They will also alert you if you forgot to connect the straps. The monitor also reminds you if you forget to carry the baby when leaving the car.

  1. Car Mirror Sun Shades

To avoid the sun from disturbing your toddler’s eye, install a car mirror sunshade while driving with your baby. Your baby’s sight is protected and stays unaffected by the sun.

  1. Back Seat Organizer

While driving with your baby, you’ll need many baby extras to go with you. Instead of putting baby extras like diapers, wipes, blankets, cleanup supplies, toys, and treats inside a bag, install an organizer that hangs tightly on the back of the seat for easier access.

  1. Back Seat Mirror
Back seat mirror helps to see the baby from the rearview
The back seat mirror helps to see the baby from the rearview

Back seat mirrors are a must-have when driving with your baby since it’s impossible to look back while driving. Install a back seat mirror that you can monitor from your rearview mirror.

  1. Install Child Lock

Every car owner with a toddler needs to install a child lock into their vehicle. With the lock, the car door can’t be opened from the inside which keeps the baby safe.


Apart from these things you’ll need to consider for your baby’s safety, other things you’ll need to do to baby-proof your car includes; removing bad car tires, bad brakes, changing car oil, and making sure your car lights are working, and many more.

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