6 Nollywood Actors Who Are Performing Their Fatherly Duties Tremendously (Photos)

6 Nollywood Actors Who Are Performing Their Fatherly Duties Tremendously (Photos)

It is very easy for a man to impregnate a woman, but to actually stick around to do the hard work of parenting a child is worthy of commendation. There are a lot of people, men and women, who are everyday bringing children into this world and basically abandoning these kids to fend for themselves. We hear all these stories of absentee fathers, deadbeat dads, etc. that is just so sad really because these children brought into the world didn’t ask to be brought in, and are basically now left to find their own way around the world with little to no guidance. It is truly a tragedy. That is why today, I am dedicating the list for the day to super dads, and taking a look at 5 Nollywood super dads who are setting a good example through pictures for what being a super and supportive parent is. Without further ado, here’s the list.

1. Williams Uchemba

Nigerian actor Williams Uchemba who started off as a child actor has grown up to have quite the successful acting career, and is just from what we see online, an all-around stand up guy. A couple of years back, he took a struggling young man who he saw promise in under his wing and completely transformed that man’s life. And now, earlier this year, he welcomed a child of his own, a daughter who is named Kamara. On social media, Williams has been showing off digitally a very good example of what a doting and caring father looks like, and it is just so good and refreshing to see.

2. Deyemi Okanlawon

Another man who is setting a good example of fatherhood is actor Deyemi Okanlawon. The actor who has two children is proudly and unashamedly a doting father. He once took to social media to share an image of his baby strapped to his back writing as the caption, “That’s how dads do. Happy holidays to all the real men ouchea doing both daddy and muumy work! God bless your hustle!” Big shoutout to you Deyemi for doing the work!

3. Gbenro Ajibade

Just because a marriage doesn’t work out doesn’t mean that the job of parenting a child stops and one person who is showing that off digitally is actor Gbenro Ajibade. Even after his public separation from his ex-wife Osas Ighodaro, Gbenro Ajibade still spends time with his daughter and chronicles this online as an example for others to see.


4. Jide Awobona

The next Nollywood dad on today’s list is Jenifa’s Diary actor Jide Awobona. The talented actor is another man who took to social media to show off himself performing daddy duties and being a good father to his son. Along with the picture, he wrote a beautiful caption chronicling his love for his son and how he plans to take care of him. It is a beautiful thing to see and very important as well.

5. Jim Iyke

Nollywood actor Jim Iyke who is popularly known for his tough characters and bad boy image is anything but that when it comes to his child. Jim, who is a father of three, has talked in interviews about his love for his children and also taken to social media to show off himself performing daddy duties as well. It is a very good example that no matter how ‘tough guy’ anybody is, being a good father is still very mandatory when one has a child.


6. Richard Mofe-Damijo

It’s not only when children are babies that they should be loved on or celebrated and Nollywood actor Richard Mofe-Damijo is one person who exemplifies this perfectly. Till today, Richard Mofe-Damijo still shows off and supports his children who are now fully grown, and also if you go to his children’s social media, Richard is there in their comments as their number one fans. It is really good to see.



Big shoutout to every father out there actually doing the job of parenting. As silly as it may seem to some, these images of men, especially famous men doing the hard work of parenting and sharing it with the world to see is actually very important because it is good and important to see men actually taking care of their children. It sets a good example and may lead some who are fans of these people to also double down on doing the hard work that is parenting their children. Once again, another huge shoutout to every daddy doing it, three gbosa for you!

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