7 Ways to prevent your Car from Overheating During the Summer

During the summer, temperatures can be brutal on car engines, leading to overheating and eventual engine failure. It can be a difficult time for car engines. The heat can cause engines to overheat and lead to expensive repairs.

Here are seven ways how to prevent your car engine from overheating in the summer heat.

1. Flush the radiator

Even if you keep engine coolant at the right levels, it tends to get dirty. In such cases, it requires a replacement. A radiator flush, also known as the coolant flush, involves draining old coolant from the radiator, cleaning it with flush fluid, and adding new coolant. Check the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation and take suggestions from an experienced mechanic.

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2. Replace Car Battery

If the car battery is older than three years, it may not function at its optimum level. This could result in the car working harder and getting overheated. You may need to replace the battery with a new one in such cases.

3. Keep Car Windows Open

Closed windows trap hot air inside the cabin, and the glass serves as a heat conductor in an enclosed space. Keeping the windows at least slightly open can result in continuous airflow, which prevents the cabin from getting super hot. In case there is a sunroof, you can consider keeping it slightly open as well.

4. Park Your Car in the Shade

This is a very basic practice every car owner should follow. If you can park your car in the garage, that’s best. If there is no shaded garage available, try to park the vehicle in a spot where there is any shade. It will keep the car’s exterior cooler and reduce heat inside the cabin as well.

5. Turn on the Heat

Turning on the heat may be the last thing you want to do on a summer day, but doing this can pull hot air from the engine compartment and cool the engine. It doesn’t fix the problem entirely, but it’s a good measure for long drives.

6. Use Tinted Car Windows

Using tinted windows or window film prevents sun rays from getting inside the cabin directly. It also provides UV ray protection. This eventually results in a cooler car cabin.

7. Operate on Fresh Air Setting

If you don’t want your engine to overheat in the summers, switch the AC to fresh air for the first 15 minutes. Why? It is because recirculation mode on the air conditioner will move the trapped hot air in the car.

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Use the recirculation mode once the vehicle is relatively cool. The temperature gauge should always point towards the centre. If it indicates a high temperature, stop the car and let the engine take a break.


Vehicle overheating is one of the most prominent reasons for engine failure. If it’s a business car, this means downtime, something to be carefully avoided. So, make sure you check your engine fluids regularly, don’t overuse the A/C or your vehicle, for that matter and try to park in the shade. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge at all times and pull over immediately if you see that indicator heading north. Pop the hood, allow the engine some breathing time and do a quick inspection.

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