8 Nigerian Celebrities Whose Pregnancy News Shocked Fans (Photos)

8 Nigerian Celebrities Whose Pregnancy News Shocked Fans (Photos)
8 Nigerian Celebrities Whose Pregnancy News Shocked Fans (Photos)

8 Nigerian Celebrities Whose Pregnancy News Shocked Fans (Photos):

Nigerian celebrities typically struggle to keep their personal lives secret because many of their admirers are curious about what is going on in their lives. This scenario makes it tough for them to keep their private lives private.

In this post, I will show you 8 Nigerian celebrities that kept their pregnancies hidden from the public eye until they gave birth.

1. Toyin Abraham

Toyin Abraham

Toyin Abraham has a large fan base, and it is a mystery to everyone how she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret until the day of her baby shower when she revealed the images to the delight of her admirers.

2. Akindele Funke

Akindele Funke

There is little doubt that Funke is one of the wealthiest actresses in Nigeria’s entertainment industry, and she also has a large following fanbase. Despite her celebrity, she managed to keep her pregnancy private until the news of her child’s birth leaked.

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3. Tomi Odunsi

Odunsi, Tomi

Tomi Odunsi’s dilemma, as she revealed on Mother’s Day, was that she suffered four miscarriages before the birth of her child, prompting her to conceal her pregnancy from the world.

4. Toolz


Toolz is an on-air personality who goes by the name Tolu Oniru and is well-liked by other OAPs. She kept her pregnancy a secret until she attended Banky W and Adesua Etomi’s inauguration ceremony, however

Unfortunately, she miscarried. Her second pregnancy, however, was kept a secret until a few weeks after the baby was born.

5. Eku Edewor

Eku Edewor

Eku Edewor is a skinny beauty with a large following. Because she is frequently seen in public, it is unclear how she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret.

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6. Ruth Kadiri

Ruth Kadiri

This actress hid her pregnancy from the public by pretending to gain weight. She ultimately revealed her pregnancy weeks after giving birth.

7. Di’ja


Di’ja has always tried to keep her personal life discreet. She married in a private setting, with no pictures shared on social media. Di’ja did the same with her pregnancy case, concealing the pregnancy with her diminutive stature and the help of Jalabia.

8. Tonto Dikeh

Dikeh, Tonto


Tonto Dikeh has disappeared from public and social media during her pregnancy. She announced her pregnancy by releasing photographs of her baby shower on her Instagram story weeks after giving birth.

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