After 2 years Bugatti Divo Gets Its First Customer For ₦2 billion

After years of development, the Chiron based Bugatti Divo is about to get ready to be delivered to its first customers. Bugatti has spent 2 years developing the dynamics of the $5.4million (₦2 billion) Divo of just 40 will be built. Bugatti says the Divo is their return to true coachbuilding, making bespoke cars for each individual customer and focusing on meticulous detail over volume product. The unit you see above is covered in protective shipping film to prevent damage along with test wheels and a special underbody to check all electronics and chassis bits before delivery.

Bugatti Divo carmart
Bugatti Divo

The Divo is powered by an 8.0L Quad Turbocharged W16 making 1,479HP. But the even crazier numbers are the 1,005lbs of downforce at 236MPH, 198lbs more than the Chiron, and can pull 1.6g’s in the corners. It also has shed 77lbs in weight over the Chiron to come in around 4,300lbs. 0-60 is expected around 2.4sec and a 236MPH top speed.

Bugatti Divo
Bugatti Divo

There also is a MASSIVE quality and assurance checklist headed by one man, Steve Jenny, who has checked and confirmed 95% of Bugatti’s delivered since 2005. Along with interior checks, he also dies a 186mile test run along with an additional 31mile drive and a 6hour inspection. Outside it’s not easy to tell that there is a Chiron underneath with the totally unique exterior front he customs LED headlights, to the detailed aero work on the hood and front intake section, to the front fender vents, the massive side wing blade, sleeker C shape swoop, massive rear active wing, unique LED taillights. you get the point! Though just step inside and you forget you are in a Divo as the interior is near identical to the Chiron.

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Bugatti Divo backview
Bugatti Divo

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