24 Years Old Beautiful Lady Gets A Second Car Gift A Month After Buying A Benz (SEE PHOTOS)

Beautiful Lady Gets A Second Car

The founder of the skincare company, WanimGlow, has recently gotten a new car gift. This car gift is only coming a month after she got herself a Mercedes-Benz as a birthday present.

WanimGlow CEO New car
WanimGlow CEO New car

According to information shared on the instagram page of the CEO, the third car arrived late at her birthday party. What this means is that it was a gift from her big brother that came after she had bought herself a Mercedes-Benz.

She informs her followers that she stalled about posting this third car after she got negative comments from the previous car she posted.

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Her instagram post reads,

“BIRTHDAY gift from my big bro to me…

This Car white baby right here arrived late at my birthday party…

I didn’t want to do this but after the bad comments I got on blogs when they posted the Benz I got myself, then I decided to make a post about it now cos I am unapologetic.

The bad comments don’t change that I am Wanim dollar and I will continue to cbe celebrated. Who God has blessed no one can curse. And as long as Wanimglow skincare keeps making the best skincare product in Africa then more achievements are yet to come. I am a daughter of Zion.

Congratulations to me.”

WanimGlow CEO second car

Many of her followers have congratulated her on her new car, while others has also encouraged her to block the noise and keep living.

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