Best cars to buy after the lockdown

While we will all be looking for ways to reduce our mobility costs in the coming months as nations battle to wrestle the killer coronavirus disease, it is still possible that prospective used car customers can still drive a decent vehicle if they shop sensibly.

Buying a fairly used vehicle is seen as the best option for countless consumers these days, particularly as companies slash jobs and salaries in the wake of Covid-19. You might not be interested in engines, brakes, tyres, bodywork, and other mechanical aspects, but value for money and practicality, and to some extent, durability is sure to be high on your list.

Some of us will still want a vehicle based on a feeling; you might love the TV ad, the shape of the car, or the range of paint colours. You don’t have to put your motoring dreams on hold in these challenging times if you shop sensibly and with a good budget that you can afford.

Tips For Buying a Used Car After a Lockdown

But before we tell you the best cars to buy after this lockdown, here are a few top tips you need to know when trying to get a car after the lockdown:

1) Shop For Used Cars Online

If you don’t have the time or inclination to go around and look for a vehicle, spend some time online as all brands and dealers are represented.

2) Make a Budget

Decide how much you can afford to spend before you start looking. If needed, get a pre-approved loan from a bank.

3) Have a Trusted Mechanic go with you

Often mechanical problems are not disclosed when buying a vehicle, so obviously it’s important to find a trusted mechanic to go with you to check if all parts are in good shape and that will reveal the vehicle’s history and divulge any potential problems.

4) Find out if the vehicle still has a service plan and warranty and when both will expire.

A car with an active service plan ensures that you don’t have to worry about the money required for servicing your car the next time it is due for its scheduled service.

5) Is the Car Easy or Difficult to Maintain

The vehicle with the cheapest maintenance basket is, arguably, your best bet. The easier a car is to maintain, the better option it becomes for you to buy. You don’t want to buy a car that you’d have to leave at the mechanic’s workshop because of the huge cost of maintaining or repairing it.

6) Are the Car’s Parts Readily Available

Find out if replacement parts can be sourced locally. If the vehicle you like needs parts from overseas, it can get expensive.

7) Consider Demo Models

Look at acquiring a demo model as these cars are usually well priced and have low mileage as they are almost new.

8) Ask for updated paper works

Ask for the car’s paperwork and service record as this will also give you some idea of the car’s history and how well it has been cared for.

9) Have a knowledge of minimum safety requirements

Be aware that a roadworthy certificate isn’t a guarantee that the car is problem-free. It simply means that the car meets the minimum safety requirements.

List of cars to buy after the lockdown

Toyota Corolla

2006 corolla
2006 corolla

Toyota Corolla Model is the second best-selling car in Nigeria closely after the Toyota Camry and the top-selling car model around the world.

This is famous for its durability and strength. It is very hard to find a Toyota Corolla in a car mechanic workshop. This car rarely breaks down, develops engine failure, oil leaks or brake troubles when properly serviced and taken care of.

Model year Price in Nigeria
 2006 Corolla price N900k – N2.3 million

Toyota Camry

2018 toyota camry

The Toyota Camry series is one of the most popular cars in the globe and the monarch of cheap cars. Toyota Camry series is one of the highest-selling compact cars in Nigeria. This car has a comfy cabin, big boot,  spacious interior and safety features making it a perfect car for a new family.

The Toyota Camry can boast of its strong & durable engine, durable tires that allow you to drive smoothly in tarred and bumpy roads without trouble. This car model will suit the needs of any owner. You can get a good Toyota Camry for less than 1 million Naira in Nigeria

The average market price range of Toyota Camry in Nigeria ranges from N1,200,000 to N3,000,000.

2007 Mercedes Benz C200 2000

2007 Mercedes Benz C200 2000
2007 Mercedes Benz C200 2000

Who would not love to have a Mercedes benz? This is because the Mercedes Benz has already established itself as the King of automobiles worldwide. This German brand of automobiles is known for precise manufacturing of their cars that make their vehicles extremely durable and almost indestructible.

The Mercedes Benz C200 is yet another cheap car in Nigeria that you can purchase for less than a million Naira. This car comes with the sweet Mercedes Benz design and usual functions that you are sure to love. This is the reason people tend to believe the fallacy that there is no cheap Mercedes Benz in Nigeria. Mercedes Benz is known for making top-notch cars that are  luxurious, exquisite, strong, and durable

The average market price for a Mercedes Benz C200 2006 Model in Nigeria ranges from N900,000 and  N1,200,000 (Tokunbo/Foreign used).

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