Check Out 4 Popular Male Comedians Who Dress Like Women In Their Comedy Videos (Photos)

The importance of comedy in our lives cannot be overemphasized, imagine going a whole day without smiling or laughing especially at these times when things are not quite easy for people. Luckily for us, watching comedy is now quite easy, you can just visit the Instagram pages of comedy skit makers and trust me their contents will make you laugh. Some popular Nigerian male comedians dress up as women in some of their comedy videos, these men are quite exceptional at what they do.

5 Nigerian male comedians who dress up as women in their comedy videos

1. Josh2funny

Josh2funny is one of the funniest comedians we have in Nigeria, he is well known for acting the role of a woman known as Mama Felicia who dresses up in a gown and wears a turban on his head, he is also well known for singing with a hymn book in some of his comedy videos.

2. Steve Chuks

Steve Chuks is another comedian who is quite popular on Instagram. He usually dresses as a woman in most of his comedy skirts and he plays different female characters such as; Madam Gold, an ever boastful lady, Udodi, Cleopatra, a lady who likes to show that she is classy, and Onyiyechi, a young lady. His contents are funny and creative.

3. Zicsaloma

Zicsaloma is one of the funniest-rising rising Nigerian comedians who is loved by many, he is known for hosting funny comedy skirts on his Instagram page, he dresses up as a woman in most of his videos and he is quite exceptional at alike as a woman.

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Zicsaloma plays the role of mama desperate, mama desperate is a pregnant woman who constantly wears the same kind of gown and wig. Another role he plays is Angelica, a young lady who feels she is extremely beautiful also plays the role of Mama Amazing Grace, a woman who likes to gossip, and lastly he plays sister Ekwitos, a lady who never seems to mind her business.

4. Twyse Ereme

This Ereme is also another popular Nigerian comedian who dresses and a woman in most of his comedy skits, he usually plays the roles of Sade. Sade is the busty house help of the family, he also plays the role of mummy Tobi, the mother of the house who has a good command of English, he also plays the of role grandma in his comedy videos. His contents are funny and interesting to watch.

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