Check Out 5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Got Married to White Ladies (Photos)

Check Out 5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Got Married to White Ladies (Photos)

Check Out 5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Got Married to White Ladies (Photos)

Sometimes it’s crazy to think about how it wasn’t too long ago inter-racial marriages were not only frowned upon, but criminalized. It was dangerous, forbidden, to be hidden. Today, that door has been broken, burned, and shattered. People from all different races, nationalities, and ethnicities are getting together. While some people still choose to raise their noses and frown upon this intermingling of people, for the most part, the world today is more than okay with it.

Nigerian celebrities have their pick of Nigerian women who are willing and ready to give them a liver if they asked for one. A lot of women idolize their favorite celebrities. They fantasize about them, they pray for them, they wish to date them. But for the 5 men on today’s list, despite all of the attention from the women here in Nigeria, these men fell for and eventually married women who just so happen to be white. Without further ado, here are 5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Got Married to White Women. Ready to dive in? Then let’s go!

1. May D

Nigerian singer Mr. May D popular for making such hit songs as “Soundtrack” and featuring on “Chop My Money” with P-Square actually got married in 2018 to longtime partner, Carolina Wassmuth who is a Swedish woman. Together, the couple welcomed a baby boy named Ethan.

However, in 2020, the marriage split. The singer took to social media to write “I’m single and free again. For 15 years, I have always been in a relationship and I think I need to be alone for sometime.


2. Mikel Obi

Nigerian professional footballer Mikel Obi is the next man on our list. In 2015, he tied the knot to Russian model, entrepreneur, and businesswoman Olga Diyachenko. Together, the couple have welcomed multiple children and still seem to be going strong.

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3. Iwereboy Ama

Delta State musician Iwereboy Ama also made the news in 2017 when pictures emerged of the singer’s wedding to his wife. The wedding was well attended by family and friends. Pictures from the traditional wedding which showed his bride wearing green lace, headtie, and traditional beads also circulated all over the internet.


4. IK Ogbonna

Nigerian actor IK Ogbonna is the next man on our list. The Nollywood star was famously married to Colombian now ex wife, Sonia Lareinaa. The two reportedly got married in 2015 and together, welcomed a son. However in 2019, Sonia revealed via social media that she was out of the marriage. The two as of today are apparently on good terms according to IK Ogbonna but they are no longer together romantically.


5. Jim Iyke

Finally, Nigerian actor Jim Iyke revealed in an interview with Genevieve Magazine last year that he had gotten a divorce but remains great friends with his now ex-wife, baby mama Dana Kinduryte. Why it was a startling revelation was because up until that point, it wasn’t really clear if Jim had in fact gotten married to Dana or not. But during that interview, he revealed saying:

My secret space is my family, no one has access to where my sons are, where my wife was; I had a divorce, let me even shock everybody. But the way I live now, nobody would know I got a divorce because we are still great friends, and co-parents.

So Jim and Dana were in fact married, but are now divorced and co-parent.


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