Check Out 5 Nollywood ‘Old Boys’ With Great Dress Sense and Looks (Photos)

Check Out 5 Nollywood ‘Old Boys’ With Great Dress Sense and Looks (Photos)

Check Out 5 Nollywood ‘Old Boys’ With Great Dress Sense and Looks (Photos)

When you put up a list of handsome Nollywood actors of all times, names like Jim Iyke, Chidi Mokeme, etc will pop up.

There is a large pool of young, ambitious and obviously dashing actors coming into Nollywood every day, but they have absolutely nothing against some of the industry’s ‘old’ boys.

Some of these ‘old’ boys were once ‘youngins’ and it feels like they got to a certain age and stopped ageing, even though they are in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, a simple picture on Instagram gets the ladies gushing.

We brings you a list of 5 Nollywood ‘Old’ Boys With Great Dress Sense and Looks (Photos)

1. RMD

It is only right that the legendary actor takes the first spot seeing as even in his 60’s, he gets the ladies both old and young drooling over him.

The actor’s white beards, bald head and intense sense of style for his age are some of the numerous qualities that he lords over his younger counterparts.

Putting it out there that RMD is handsome is stale news, peep his cute dimples.

2. Chidi Mokeme

Chidi Mokeme just clocked 50 and ladies on social media swear that he is the next best thing after free money they didn’t work for.

It’s no wonder the actor has such a reputation with such a fine build that you wouldn’t expect from a typical Nigerian man at his age.

Chidi has also managed to maintain his looks from being a Nollywood bad boy to Gulder Ultimate Search days.

3. Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke has always been a ‘bad’ boy but despite that fact, the ladies will not stop crushing on him.

The actor is in his 40s and beyond growing bougie, improving his vocabulary and pocket, he hasn’t changed much.

Who are the ‘youngins’ when Jim Iyke is still very much in town?

4. Kanayo O. Kanayo

The legendary actor might have a sprinkle of rituals and sacrifices in almost all his movies, but it still hasn’t reduced the stream of ladies on his page.

Kanayo is one of the reigning ‘sugar daddies’ on social media and it is interesting to know that he has been a fave since years back.

Mazi sacrifice is still giving the new age actors a run on social media.

5. Ramsey Nouah

Ramsey Nouah might be balding ‘small small’ but who hair ‘epp’ when you are a fine boy with swags in your fifties?

The actor is another ‘old’ Nollywood boy whose charm, handsomeness and lover boy title has remained with over the years.

Ramsey is another ageless Nollywood star giving the ‘youngins’ a hard time with the ladies on social media.


Check Out 5 Nollywood ‘Old Boys’ With Great Dress Sense and Looks (Photos)

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