Check Out 7 Nollywood Actors That Are Still Active in The industry For 50 Years

Check Out 7 Nollywood Actors That Are Still Active in The industry For 50 Years
Check Out 7 Nollywood Actors That Are Still Active in The industry For 50 Years

Age is nothing but a number.

Check Out 7 Nollywood Actors That Are Still Active in The industry For 50 Years

This is an age old adage that most of us have heard, a lot of times even from older wiser characters in movies and television shows. Yet, the entertainment industry, Nollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood…entertainment and the media and society in general make aging look like this that should not only be feared but avoided at all costs.

In entertainment, once a person reaches a certain age, certain types of roles just immediately become non-existent for them. I guess people behind the scenes believe no one wants to watch a love story starring Liz Benson and Zack Orji. But I do. If it’s a good story, I believe we the fans are willing and ready to watch anything as long as it moves us.

In today’s article, we’ll be counting down 7 actors who have gone against the grain and still stuck it out in Nollywood despite now being over 50 years. These actors are still working and we’re very happy to see it because despite all of the new bodily changes that come with approaching 50 and above, these men are still gracing our TV screens.

Are you ready to jump in and see who we’ve picked for today? Then let’s go!

1. Tony Umez

Tony Umez is still in the game.

I know this might come as a shock to you. It might come as a shock to many people because it feels like we haven’t seen a Tony Umez movie in years. BUT the thing is that the actor is still very much acting. He regularly posts pictures with other actors on set and just as recently as earlier this month, a new movie of his aired on the Nollywood Showcase YouTube channel.

Tony Umez was born on 23 August 1964 and is now 55 years of age.

2. Kanayo O. Kanayo

We all loved seeing Kanayo O. Kanayo reprise his role as Chief Omego in 2019’s sequel to the Nollywood smash, Living in Bondage, Living in Bondage: Breaking Free. He also starred in movies like Celebrity Marriage and Lionheart.

Kanayo is one actor who is still very much around in the industry and even outside of it on social media. In the last couple of months, we have seen him trend more than once on social media for his very interesting Instagram posts and challenges.

Kanayo O. Kanayo was born on 1 March 1962 and is now 58 years old.

3. Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie is a veteran actor. It is impossible to write a biography about Nollywood without mentioning the name Pete Edochie. He is an icon.

While Pete doesn’t star in as many movies as he used to before, he is still very much in the industry. In fact, as recently as 2018, he appeared in Genevieve Nnaji’s wildly popular Netflix original movie, Lionheart. In 2019, he also appeared in Night Bus To Lagos.

We always love to see Pete Edochie and we’re so happy that he’s still acting.

Pete was born on 7 March 1947 and is now 73 years old.

4. Nkem Owoh

Nkem Owoh has been AROUUUND. He is wildly popular for playing the incredibly funny and incredibly famous character of Osoufia, a name that has since become synonymous with Nkem himself.

All these years later, Nkem has not slowed down. He starred in 2018’s Lionheart and Chief Daddy, in 2019’s [k]PALI, and 2020’s Small Chops.

We love to see Nkem Owoh and we’re so happy he’s still doing his thing.

Nkem was born on 7 February 1958 and is now 62 years old.

5. Kenneth Okonkwo

Kenneth Okonkwo is yet another actor who has been around and is still going strong. In recent times, Kenneth has starred in the very popular Wives on Strike movies and the subsequent series, Wives On Strike: The Series. He also starred in 2019’s The British Expert and Living in Bondage: Breaking Free.

Kenneth was born on 6 November, 1968 and is now 51 years old.

6. Segun Arinze

Speaking of somebody who has still been very consistently around, Segun Arinze has not slowed down one bit since he put his legs into the Nollywood waters so many years ago.

Just yesterday I watched a movie on Netflix called Cold Feet which he starred in. He has also been in recent movies like What Just Happened, The Call, Oloture, and Who’s The Boss.

Segun Arinze was born on 24 September 1965 and is now 54 years old.

7. Zack Orji

Zack Orji is another actor that has been around and has no plans of slowing down.

Just as recently as last week, he was on the set of a movie with production company, chocymedia.

He has also starred in recent movies available on Netflix like The Bridge and Payday.

That’s All.

Check Out 7 Nollywood Actors That Are Still Active in The industry For 50 Years

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