Check out the meaning of V6, V8 and V12 and why they are inscribed on vehicles

When buying a car, there are some things that you need to consider but can be deemed confusing. The V6, V8 and V12 engine is one of them, and knowing the differences and advantages can be helpful when you are trying to make a purchasing decision.

As a road user or motorist, whenever you see a v badge at the exterior end of any car, just know that they are trying to tell you more about the engine present in the car.  Meanwhile, there are different ways or products of automobile car engines whereby the most common type is v series or v engines.

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Six or more V-oriented engines are used together in a V configuration in a V-oriented engine. crankshaft, the cylinders are placed from side to side rather than being in front. When a vehicle is mounted parallel, the crankshaft is in front instead of parallel.

Now that you have known the reason they are called V, this is what they stand for and their meanings:

V6 Engine:

V6 Engine
V6 Engine

Whenever you see V6 inscribe on a car, it means the car has a 6 cylinder engine, Meaning that there are 6 V-fashioned cylinders in the engine.

V8 Engine

V8 Engine
V8 Engine

As V6 has 6 V-fashioned cylinders, definitely V8 will have 8 V-fashioned cylinders; the difference among the engine types is that the greater the cylinder, the more the torque or energy of the engine.

V8 vehicles are extra effective than V6 vehicles.

V12 Engine:

V12 Engine
V12 Engine

V12 means there are 12 V-fashioned cylinders in the engine. The power pulses in V12 engines are usually more intense than the power pulse in standard engines, and three power pulses overlap so that there are no gaps between current periods of engines with six or eight cylinders. The feature also allows for more refinement and smoothness in a luxury car engine.

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As much as 40% more power may be generated from a V6 cylinder than from a V12; the capacity of an engine determines its efficiency, not its volume. However, it is not the only factor affecting the powerhouse. In writing, if each cylinder has the same size, one cylinder generates more power out than the other.

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