Check out this $40 million mansion with an underwater $24 million Car garage

$40 million mansion with an underwater

$24 Million Car garage? so let’s convert it to Nigerian naira with the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) rate which is 10,116,206,592 (Ten Billion One Hundred Sixteen Million Two Hundred Six Thousand Five Hundred Ninety-two) are you not surprised? YEAH, NOW I GOT YOUR ATTENTION, Seeing extravagant cars and luxuries is just another day on the job for Supercar Blondie, In the field of car reviews, there’s one person whose name without being mentioned means the list is incomplete. That person is no other than SuperCar Blondie, the popular white woman on social media known for reviewing cars of different types. But, most especially SuperCars. However, her recent video takes this to a whole new level. The popular YouTuber takes a tour of a $40,000,000 house in one of Dubai’s most exclusive neighbourhoods in Dubai.

Supercar Blondie takes a tour of this $40,000,000 mansion in Dubai and its equally impressive underwater garage filled to the brim with exotic cars.

$24,000,000 Worth Of Supercars Parked Underwater

The collection includes a Bugatti Super Sport 300 +, which is one of only 30 that will ever be made.

The Bugatti Super Sport 300+ is the fastest production car in the world, reaching almost 500km/h (304 mph).

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There are also two LaFerraris, one in yellow and one in red.

There is a Ferrari F12, a Mercedes GT Black Series, a Ford GT and a McLaren Senna which is covered in exposed maroon carbon fibre.

Located on Dubai’s man-made Palm Jumeirah, it cost $4 million to build the garage alone, And considering it’s built under sea level, you can just imagine how much waterproofing was needed.

Once you drive one of your 14 supercars into the garage, you can then take a private elevator up to the ground floor, which is one of four floors in the Dubai mansion.

The living room has seven-meter high ceilings and opens out onto a deck area with a 30-meter-long infinity pool.

The view is incredible, spanning out over the water and onto the famous Atlantis hotel.

After checking out the garage and the sizeable collection of cars within it, the tour goes to the rest of the house and explores the living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens, entertaining space, and various outdoor entertainment options.

A $40 million mansion in Dubai with an underwater supercar garage!

The video also reviews some of the very expensive upgrades that the house includes. Supercar Blondie mentions that staring out the vast windows of the home and taking in the scenic view at the end of the day would give you the feeling that you’ve “made it.” Check out the video to see this incredible house, unique garage, and very impressive collection of cars within it.

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