Christy’O BBNaija Biography, Age, Net Worth, Cars, Social Media

Christy’O BBNaija

Christy’O is one of the housemates you’ve seen on screen since the beginning of season 7 Big Brother Naija reality show tagged “Level-Up.”

Christy'O BBNaija cars & net worth
Christy’O BBNaija cars & net worth

Many who have seen her on the Big Brother Naija screen might only know her as Christy’O. But, she goes by the full name Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu. She is a 24 years old model and entrepreneur. One of the many ways Christy’O describes herself is “a perfectionist,” which means she is usually satisfied with a result, especially when a task has been performed by someone else.”

Although Christy’O has been committed to building up her modelling and entrepreneurship career, she has joined the season of the Big Brother Naija show, which means we will see a lot of her going forward.

While many of us are still getting acquainted with the Big Brother Naija housemates, we have gathered some interesting facts and information about this housemate you should know about.

Christy’O BBNaija Biography

Christy O - Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu
Christy O – Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu

Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu, popularly known by many as Christy’O, was born in 1998 to Mr and Mrs Ojumu in Lagos state. Christy’O has four siblings (2 boys and two girls). She also comes from a family of 7.

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Christy'O BBNaija and her sister
Christy’O BBNaija and her sister

Though Christy’O did her growing up in Lagos, she is an indigene of Ondo, in the South Western part of Nigeria. She’s from the Yoruba tribe.

Christy’O notes that she finished her secondary school education at age 14. After her secondary education, she went on to Afe Babalola University (ABUAD) to further her education and later graduated in 2017.

Christy’O BBNaija Career

Christy’O BBNaija Career
Christy’O BBNaija Career

Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu A.K.A Christy’O is a Nigerian beauty entrepreneur and model before becoming a reality TV star. Before joining the Big Brother house, she focused on her modelling career. She managed her cosmetic line named “Christie O Cosmetics”, where she specialised in making and selling a custom line of lipsticks and lipgloss for women.

Christie O Cosmetics
Christie O Cosmetics
Christie O Cosmetics
Christie O Cosmetics

However, Christy’O started gaining more public attention after she joined the Big Brother House in late July.

Christy'O BBNaija as a model
Christy’O BBNaija as a model

Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu Big Brother Naija Season Seven Housemate


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After her introduction into the Big Brother Naija Level Up season, Chiristy’O described herself as a “funny, smart and hardworking extrovert” and admits you are more than likely to find her “where the fun is” on any given day.

She also noted that when she’s not hiking or enjoying a picnic with her close friends, Christy’O makes time to write poems.

While speaking about her major weakness, she said, “I’m a perfectionist, which means I’m usually not satisfied with a result, especially when a task has been performed by someone else.”

Christy'O BBNaija as a naturalist
Christy’O BBNaija as a naturalist

Despite her flaws, Christy’O believes she’s the right person for the BBNaija experience.

She states, “I’m excellent at putting a good show. Big Brother Naija is about entertaining, educating and being creative. I think I can be great at that.”

Christy’O BBNaija Net Worth

Christy’O BBNaija Net Worth

Christy’O was on the verge of building her cosmetic line before joining BBNaija. Aside from that, she also works as a model. However, these are the primary sources of her income at the main time, and her gross net worth is estimated at $5,000.

Christy’O BBNaija Cars

At the time of this profiling, we couldn’t get adequate information on whether or not Christy’O has a car. Since she has a net worth estimated at $5,000, we believe she can afford a car.

Christy’O BBNaija Social Media


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Christy’O is active on social media. In case you are one of her fans, you can find her following these handles;

  • Instagram: @officialchristy_o
  • Fanpage:@_iamchristyo_fanpage
  • Twitter: iamchristyO
  • Business page @christieocosmetics

Frequently Asked Questions About Christy’O BBNaija Housemate

Who Is Christy’O’s Boyfriend?

The Nigerian model is not dating anyone at the moment. However, she confirmed that her last relationship was six months ago. She noted that her boyfriend was not supportive of her dream as a model, which led to their breakup.

What Is Christy’O’s Origin?

Christy’O is from the Yoruba tribe in Ondo state, Nigeria.

Where Does Christy’O Live?

Before joining Big Brother, Christy’O lived in Lagos, Nigeria.

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