Edo Police Arrests Prophet Who Steals Cars Using Fake Prophecy

Since the beginning of May 2022, one main trending story that’s been in the mouths of many is the prophet who convinces members to sow seeds with their cars following a prophecy.

Following the buzz surrounding this story, on Monday, 9th May 2022, a victim of the prophecy, Osamudiamen Thompson, petitioned the Edo state police commissioner, alleging that the “prophet” hypnotized him and collected his car at No. 3 Uwa street off 2nd East Circular Road, Benin City.

Prophet Benson Nosakhare
Prophet Benson Nosakhare

According to Osamudiamen’s report, he gifted the prophet the car after prophet Benson Nosakhare told him about seeing a vision of him in a car accident in his Lexus ES 350 car.

He also notes that after regaining his senses, he realized that the prophet had already switched the Lexus colour from gold to black while using it.

Following the statement released by the Edo police spokesperson, SP Bello Kontongs, confirming the arrest, says, “The operatives of Edo State Police Command has arrested the fraudster prophet, Benson Nosakhare whose prey is his gullible members through the use of false prophecy and divine pronouncements.”

While the suspect and fraudster prophet was arrested this week, he confessed to the crime of hypnotizing his church members and will be charged in court.

Apart from the Lexus ES 350, another car recovered from his home is a Lexus RX 350 jeep obtained through the same fake means from Odigie Godspower.

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