Between Funke Akindele And Toyin Abraham Net worth, Cars & Who Is Richer

Funke Akindele And Toyin Abraham Net worth

When it comes to Nigerian female celebrities, there are those of who have built a solid empire and luxury lifestyle that trumps even that of many male Nigerian celebrities.

Funke Akindele vs Toyin Abraham, who’s richer?
Funke Akindele vs Toyin Abraham, who’s richer?

These women are known for their many projects, business engagements and the continuous expansion of their business empire. As such, they have amassed enough wealth which funds their luxury lifestyle.

On the top list of Nigerian female celebrities that have built a massive empire and support a luxurious lifestyle around themselves are Funke Akindele and Toyin Abraham.

These two women need no introduction to the Nigerian entertainment industry as they’ve carried several projects on their backs, delivered and earned their rewards for them. However, this article looks closely at the amassed wealth and luxury of Funke Akindele and Toyin Abraham to determine who amongst them has more than the other. Or, is there a tie?

The Luxury Lifestyle Of Funke Akindele 

With a net worth of $7.6 million, Funke Akindele sets herself apart from other actors in the industry.

What has led to such wealth can be attributed to her many business engagements that range from her acting career to production company and endorsement deals.

The Luxury Lifestyle Of Funke Akindele 
The Luxury Lifestyle Of Funke Akindele 

One of her long-lasting endorsement deals is with IrokoTV.

In 2018, she became a brand ambassador for Keystone Bank. Later in November 2019, she signed an endorsement deal with WAW Nigeria, a company that specializes in manufacturing detergents and laundry soaps.

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Aside from these deals, her decades of being in the Nigerian entertainment industry have brought several other endorsement deals and the reality of these deals is that they’re paid to her in millions of Naira.

To embrace her wealthy status, Funke has one of the lavish mansions in Lagos. Her new house is located in Amen Estate, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State Nigeria. The Amen Estate is a vast reserved area owned by the Lagos businessman and politician, Babatunde Gbadamosi.

funke Akindele house
Funke Akindele Net Worth, Cars, House & Biography in 2022

Funke nicknamed her new house “Afin.” It’s a 7-bed detached mansion that features airy terraces and casement windows.

Luxury items you’ll find within the home are the finest of porcelains, granite floor tiles, elegant POP ceilings, a fully fitted spacious kitchen with granite worktops, fitted wardrobes, and a jacuzzi steam bath with a shower in the elegant master bedroom bath, and various other luxury home set ups.

Aside from her house, Funke also owns a production estate dedicated solely to her production company, SceneoneTV. All the movies and series produced by her company and shot in this location. The estate is vast and contains so many different people working and living there during the filming period.

Funke also has her luxury cars as another avenue through which she showcases wealth. Like every other wealthy Nigerian, she has acquired a set of her own car collection which includes;

  • Lexus LX 570 SUV
 Funke added the Lexus 570 SUV
Funke added the Lexus 570 SUV

In April 2021, Funke added the Lexus 570 SUV to her fleet of cars. The car is the SuperSport variant that comes with upgraded plush interiors and exterior designs that distinguishes it from the base SUV.

  • Bentley Continental GT
 Funke luxury Bentley Continental GT
Funke luxury Bentley Continental GT

The mid-sized, front-engine, all-wheel drive, four-foot luxury Bentley Continental GT is one of the cars you’ll find in Funke’s garage.

The car has a top speed of 190 miles per hour (306 km/h) and zeroes to 60mph in just 3.8 seconds (0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds). The starting price of the Bentley is $160,000.

  • Toyota Prado SUV
 Funke Toyota Prado SUV
Funke Toyota Prado SUV

The Japanese carmaker’s full-size four-wheel-drive vehicle is another luxury car you’ll find Funke driving. It’s one of the smaller vehicles in her garage and you’ll easily find her driving it to her studio location.

  • Lamborghini Aventador 
Funke Lamborghini Aventador 

Funke is also an owner of one of the Lamborghini sports cars. Some of the car’s features are; 630 horsepower, 5.2 L V10 engine, and 21.1 gal fuel tank capacity.

The Lamborghini Aventador is one of the most expensive Lamborghini cars and its starting price is marked at $261,274.

Funke is one of the hardworking celebrities in the industry and what this has done for her is help her grow more wealth. She continues to grow her wealth even with an existing net worth of $7.6 million.

The Luxury Lifestyle Of Toyin Abraham 

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

Toyin Abraham’s net worth is earmarked at $2 million. With a net worth like this, she continues to build upon it while also affording herself some of the best luxury items life could offer.

Aside from acting, other avenues that Toyin continues to earn from are her production company and healthcare business which is mostly targeted at women. Toyin also earns a sum of Naira which runs into millions from endorsement deals.

Toyin Abraham Biography, Cars, House, Net worth 

It’s almost impossible to be wealthy in Nigeria without landed properties and a fleet of cars surrounding you. Toyin knows of that and although she rarely makes a statement about them, she often teases her fans with photos and videos of them.

In 2020, the actor officially moved into one of the luxurious mansions in one of the highbrow areas in Lagos. The interior design of the home was done by HNK Interiors, it is spectacular and immediately announces wealth. Their luxury home is also worth millions of Naira.

Toyin also showcases her luxury life in the many cars she owns. Although there’s no clear definition of how many cars she owns, below are some of her luxury cars;

Toyin Abraham Cars 

Toyin Abraham Cars
Toyin Abraham Cars

Even though Toyin Abraham does not show off her cars, she is indeed a lover of cars. Some of the cars Toyin own include,

  • Mercedes-Benz CLA 250
Toyin Abraham Mercedes-Benz CLA 250
Toyin Abraham Mercedes-Benz CLA 250

One of her most notable car purchases is the Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 in 2019 which was worth 26 million Naira.

  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class BRABUS 800
Toyin Abraham Mercedes-Benz G-Class BRABUS 800
Toyin Abraham Mercedes-Benz G-Class BRABUS 800

Toyin also has a 2011 model of the G-Class BRABUS that is estimated to be worth 150 million Naira.


In general, both Funke and Toyin are extraordinary actors and filmmakers pulling the strides in the Nigerian industry. Their net worth, when valued in Naira runs into billions, making them one of the Nigerian billionaires in the industry.

Still, there’s a clear gap between both of their net worths, Funke Akindele with the $7.6 million and Toyin Abraham with the $2 million net worth, there’s a gap of $5.6 million which invariably showcases that Funke Akindele is the richer one amongst the two.

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