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The Tesla 2020 Model X which took the world by a swing when it was first launched has several interesting features. This car is made with several interesting features which verily justify the buzz that surrounded it during its release.

2020 Tesla Model X
2020 Tesla Model X

In fact, it was the top one talked about the car online in 2020 and yet, even though it’s been two years since its release, it is still one of the outstanding cars made with high-tech features. As such, some of its features cannot even be compared with some 2022 cars.

Some of these interesting features include;

  1. Two Installed Cameras

It’s almost impossible to hear of a car that’s made up of two cameras! But Elon Musk, with his smartness, knew the importance of two stealthy installed cameras. One is near the tyre area and the other one is near the driver’s side windscreen.

With its 360• camera that records 24/7, you can comfortably watch footage of someone trying to break into your car through your phone.


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  1. Advanced Door Closing Style

For so many cars, if you tried to close a door that’s wide open, you’ll have to stretch your hands. But that’s not the same with the 2020 Tesla Model X. If your car door is wide open and you can’t reach it, instead of stretching your hands, just step on your car brake and the door closes.

  1. Charging Port Styles

Unlike other cars that come with only the manual charging port style, it’s different with the 2020 Tesla Model X. There’s a manual charging port and one behind the car. To access it, all you need to do is make use of the voice control feature in the car saying “open butthole” and the back charging port opens.

  1. Falcon-Like Sensor Doors 

Many people do not realize the level of sensor used to build up the 2020 Tesla Model X. The door quickly detects objects. As such, if it’s packed in a tight space, it can never hit the next door beside it.

Once the door senses a close-by object, it quickly readjusts its position and still opens.

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Indeed, people are not intrigued by the 2020 Tesla Model X just because of its market publicity. It’s actually worth every penny. Because not only is the car made with one of the most advanced tech features, but it also has extra features that make owning it a worthwhile experience.

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