Major Causes Of Road Accidents

While accidents are unplanned and can be very devastating, with appropriate action taken, accidents can be prevented and their effects can be minimal.

There are many causes of road accidents, some of which are man’s fault and some can be blamed on nature.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some major causes of road accidents and how they can be prevented.

Poor visibility

This is caused by nature but man also has a hand in it. In Nigeria, poor visibility usually occurs when there is heavy rainfall. For your sake and the sake of other road users, when you experience poor visibility, park your vehicle and wait until you can see clearly to continue your journey. Don’t claim to be in so much of a hurry that you can’t wait. There is no point in driving if you cannot see the road ahead of you. You will be practically driving into your doom.

Top Things To Do When You’re A Victim Of Car Road Accident 

Faulty/bad vehicles

The brakes of a bad car are most likely to fail on the highway. This is why it is important you get your car serviced by a mechanic before you put it on the road. Also, if at any point in your driving, you discover that your brakes are no longer functional, please park your car. Stop driving it so you don’t kill yourself and others.

Many times we’ve heard about vehicles catching fire in the middle of the road, this is as a result of poor maintenance. Also, make sure your tires are in good condition to avoid coming off in the middle of the road.

Drunk Driving

When you drink, you lose the ability to focus and function properly and it’s very dangerous when operating a vehicle. Driving under the influence of alcohol causes car accidents every day, even when they are one of the top causes that can be avoided. Always use a designated driver if you go out and drink.


This can never be overemphasised as a lot of drivers want to move immediately, which has led to quite a number of accidents. You need a whole lot of patience and tolerance in order to drive safely, especially in Nigeria where we all want to move at the same time.

Your eyes should be on the road

Driving time isn’t texting time. While driving, your focus should be on the road and nothing else so you don’t miss an incoming vehicle.

Obey traffic signs

Nigeria road signs and their meanings

When the sign says you should reduce your speed, do so. When the traffic lights show red, stop and wait until it’s your turn to move. Don’t beat traffic lights.

Night Driving

Driving in the daylight can be hazardous, but driving at night nearly doubles the risk of a car accident occurring. When you can’t see what’s up ahead you don’t know what to anticipate as you drive towards it. As the sun goes down, your awareness of the road and cars around you must go up.


If the weather gets bad so do the roads. Car accidents happen very often in the rain because water creates slick and dangerous surfaces for cars, trucks, and motorcycles and often causes automobiles to spin out of control or skid while braking. To avoid a car accident, drive extra careful when it rains.

Teenage Drivers

Youth is wasted on the young, but careful driving is never wasted on young drivers. Unfortunately, teenagers aren’t often known for their carefulness. When teen drivers hit the roads they don’t always know what to do and that lack of experience ends up causing car accidents.

Unsafe Lane Changes

There will always come a time when you need to get over to another lane (i.e. exit from a freeway, get in the correct lane to make a turn, etc.). When drivers don’t make safe lane changes properly, it often leads to a car accident. To prevent a needless car accident, use your turn signal, check your blind spots and always proceed carefully into the next lane.


Motorists in some cities in Nigeria are well aware of the dangers posed by potholes in the street. Drivers run the risk of losing control of their car or blowing out a tire when they drive over these potholes. If you see a pothole in your car’s path, you can avoid a car accident by making sure that your tires do not drive over it.

Keep some space between your car and the car in front of you just in case there is an unforeseen issue. Avoid driving bumper to bumper.

These are only a few ways to avoid car accidents but we believe that when adhered to, the roads will be safer for all.

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