Meet 2021 Volkswagen Golf R First Leaked Photos

The 2021 Golf R has been spied nearly naked on the Nurburgring awhile ago and now totally leaked by some clever photographers and well.. its a bit predictable. Already it looks worlds better than the new GTI with a more aggressive front end, quad tipped exhaust, rear wing and much larger tires, but what’s under the skin is what people are waiting for.

New Volkswagen Golf R
New Volkswagen Golf R

Powering the new Golf R is set to be a 2.0L Turbo 4 making around 306-328HP paired to a DCT gearbox and sending power to all four wheels.

So what else can we expect with the new Golf R? Well of course there will be upgraded brakes and suspension too but also a sportier interior with that new R badging, and some rumors say a near 400HP model is on the way but after the last time, people thought that was going to happen…it didn’t… SO don’t get your hopes up for that. Like the new GTI, we will see things inside like the 10l.2in gauge cluster, 10in touchscreen, and that stubby new gear selector.

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That starts with the chassis. Volkswagen isn’t here trying to build a monstrous track car, but there are still lessons to learn from those vehicles. That’s where the Driving Dynamics Manager comes in. This high-level controller networks all the clever chassis components together, so that, for example, the electronic locking diff works better with the brakes, while the adaptive dampers communicate faster and more often with the steering, stability control, and other systems.

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