Meet The new Toyota SUV 2021 Yaris Cross

The big Japanese manufacturer is late to this subcompact segment with the new 2021 Yaris Cross, and now the somewhat stylish mini crossover gets a sporty, appearance package and options by TRD. This new 2021 Yaris Cross will be Toyota’s smallest and most affordable SUV.


But remember we US won’t get the Yaris Cross in the US. There are things like GR mud flaps, a spoiler, side molding, some weird black front fender bits, special wheels, and unusual fake wood interior trim. This new crossover slots below the hideous C-HR and honestly looks quite good as Toyota seems to finally have found their sense of design.

Powering the new Yaris Cross will be a 1.5L 3 cylinder and electric motor to make around 114HP and the electric motor provides power to the rear axle for AWD.

toyota-yaris-cross backview

Outside will be many options like the two-tone paint you see above and wheels up to 18in. The Yaris cross also has a similar interior to the normal Yaris with a tablet-style touch screen, interior ambient lighting, and decent build quality for the low price point. This new model is meant for the European market so it is unsure if this will come to the US.

Toyota originally intended to unveil this new small crossover in March at the Geneva Motor Show but the event was canceled because the coronavirus pandemic forced the automaker to reschedule the premiere. The company said it would delay the vehicle’s debut for weeks or even months, but the wait is now over as Toyota is ready to introduce its Yaris-derived crossover.

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross interior

2021-toyota-yaris-cross interior

The Yaris Cross gets its own interior design, although this isn’t quite so distinct; the centre console is deeper than the Yaris hatchback’s and it features more gloss black plastic, but details like the air vents and the metallic strip running across the upper dashboard are carried over.

The touchscreen infotainment system also appears to be the same, which would mean sluggish responses and dated graphics, although you do get handy shortcut buttons, and you can bypass Toyota’s own software thanks to the presence of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring.

toyota-yaris-cross colors

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