Most expensive cities to buy cars in the world

There are certain cities in the world where the cost of cars is usually more expensive compared to other cities and several reasons cause the exorbitant prices of these cars.

With the economic situation in Nigeria, the perception could be that Nigeria would be on the list. If you’ve ever wondered about some of the world’s cities where buying an average car is expensive, below is the list of top ten countries where buying cars is most expensive.

Ten World Cities Where Buying Cars Are Mostly Expensive 

Considering how expensive buying a car is for an average Nigerian, you’d think Nigeria is on the list. But, the shocking reality is that no Nigerian city is on the top ten list of cities where buying cars are expensive.

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Below are some of these cities you should know.

  1. Singapore 

For those looking to buy a new car, Singapore is the most expensive city for a car purchase. This is based on a 2018 “mapping the world’s prices” report by Deutsche Bank. This is essentially a result of taxes aimed at discouraging car ownership, with an average car costing $86,412.

  1. Copenhagen 

Copenhagen, Denmark, is the second most expensive city to buy a new car. Apart from how expensive it is to buy a car in Copenhagen, most people living here believe that running it is the most expensive, including road tax, fuel, insurance, and maintenance, which all contribute to the high cost.

The average car cost in Copenhagen is $44,062.

  1. Oslo 

Another city that follows immediately after Copenhagen is Oslo in Norway. With the high taxes associated with a car purchase, buying a car in Oslo will cost $42,239 for the average car.

  1. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, follows Oslo directly behind. It is because of the country’s policy of keeping imported cars pricey while using the high taxes to control car importation and promote locally made cars.

The cost of an average imported car in Kuala Lumpur is $37,057.

  1. Helsinki 

Helsinki, Finland is another country where buying cars is considered expensive. The cause is that Finland has a policy that places an extremely high road tax on new or imported cars. To buy a new car in Finland, you’ll need to have about $35,168.

  1. Amsterdam 

Amsterdam, Netherlands, is on the list of countries where car purchase is expensive. In Amsterdam, an average car costs about $31,634. The tax for new cars and imported cars the country’s policy demands you pay.

  1. Lisbon 

Lisbon, Portugal, is another city where cars are expensive. It’s one of the top European countries where you’ll have to pay Vehicle import taxes, and its taxes are higher than in most European cities. In Lisbon, an average imported car will cost $31,625.

  1. Dublin

Dublin, Ireland, is one of the most expensive cities. Apart from that, you’ll also find out that buying cars from Dublin is equally expensive. The average car cost in Dublin costs $30,290. Ireland has several taxes, and the vehicle taxes are one of the reasons running a car in the country is expensive.

  1. Jakarta 

Jakarta, Indonesia, is another city in Asia where cars are expensive. The government of Indonesia considers car ownership a luxury. There is an attached tax the government adds on top of the manufacturer’s cost. An average car in Jakarta is about $29,796.

  1. Paris 

Paris, France, is undoubtedly on the list, but it’s the last among the top ten cities where running a car is expensive. The cost of owning a car is $29,520. Indeed, this might be why most people in Paris don’t own cars.

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Aside from these cities, there are other cities where buying an average car is equally expensive. But, the above-listed cities are top of the list.

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