Most Expensive & Least Expensive Cities In Nigeria To Own And Maintain A Car

There’s no doubt that owning and maintaining a car is an extreme sport. As such, owning and maintaining a car is one of the significant challenges that car owners face. While car maintenance is challenging in Nigeria, some cities have it fairer than others.

Why? The level of popularity of most Nigerian cities increases the cost of living in such cities. In cases like this, several costs like car maintenance spike. It’s no surprise that as a car owner, you’ll realize that there’s a difference in the cost of maintaining a car in popular cities compare to the non-popular ones.

In this article, we share some of the Nigerian cities where car maintenance is expensive and the ones where car owners afford maintenance at affordable and reasonable rates.

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If you’re thinking of cities in Nigeria where owning and managing cars costs spikes compared to others, below are some of them.

  1. Lagos 

Lagos state is on the list of top states where owning and managing cars is an extreme sport. Here, car owners constantly have to experience high maintenance charges from mechanics or the rapid spoilage of cars, especially during the thick of the rainy season for those living along the Lekki axis.

One of the main reasons why the cost of car maintenance is expensive in Lagos is because auto mechanics always include the exorbitant rent charges to help them maintain their workshops. As such, each car owner coming for repair contributes to keeping the shop running.

  1. Abuja 

As the country’s capital, Abuja is the city where you’ll find a lot of affluent Nigerians and expatriates. And, what happens in a city filled with wealthy people? The cost of living increases, which impacts everything, including car repair and maintenance.

Since most auto mechanics in this city have a long list of wealthy clientele, it automatically means everyone has to keep up with that.

  1. Port Harcourt 

Port Harcourt is another city with an increased cost of living. Living in cities like this means that everything within the city dances to the tune of the increased cost of living.

As one of the cities where you’ll find wealthy people and exotic cars, auto mechanics begin to spike prices.

  1. Asaba 

Asaba is another city in Nigeria where many Nigerian celebrities and other wealthy people live. It’s also on the streets of Asaba that you’ll find some of the top exotic cars in Nigeria. The cost of living in Asaba is also high, determined by the number of wealthy people living there.

What this means is that auto mechanics in this city also increase their prices for this reason because the perception is that rich people dominate the city.

Least Expensive Cities In Nigeria To Own And Maintain A Car

Unlike the expensive cities, if you ever left any of them and came down to some other cities in the country, one of the shocks is often realizing how ridiculously cheaper car maintenance is compared to the other places.

Some Nigerian cities where car maintenance is cheaper includes;

  1. Umuahia 

Umuahia is the capital of Abia state, a quiet town in South Eastern Nigeria that is remotely known for its slow-paced life. Another thing about the city is that the cost of living is incredibly low. As such, owning and maintaining a car in this city is cheaper than in others.

Most car owners here often park their cars while commuting through local transportation due to less traffic and proximity to destinations around the city. These are some of the frugal ways they save on maintenance. Another is that auto mechanics are cheaper and affordable here.

  1. Kaduna

If you have ever visited Northern Nigeria, one thing you’ll quickly realize is how low the cost of living is. It also means that you’ll be surprised by how you could spend on auto maintenance.

Apart from Kaduna, this applies to several northern cities, and it means car owners worry less about the exorbitant cost of maintaining their cars.

  1. Aba

Aba is another city in Abia state, the state’s commercial hub. You’ll find a thousand and one auto repair store in the city. For car owners, it brings options to choose repair shops where you can get fixed at reduced rates.


What impacts the cost of auto maintenance most times is not just the cost of spare parts. In places like Nigeria, cost spikes when wealth is sensed. Therefore, auto repair in some of the cities flooded with wealthy people automatically influences the cost of everything, including repairing cars.

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