Most Sold Car In The World – Guess the car?

Have you ever wondered which car people buy the most across the globe? We’ve all thought about that at least once. Well, after carrying out a little research, we discovered that the most sold car in the world is *drum rolls* TOYOTA COROLLA!

If you are a Nigerian who lives in Nigeria, I’m sure you are not surprised one bit by this information because Toyota Corolla can be seen in every part of Nigeria. From Ikoyi to the trenches, someone owns a Toyota Corolla. Please note that we are not referring to a particular model of the Corolla yet. Generally, Toyota Corolla is everywhere regardless of the model.

2023 Toyota Corolla Reviews, Price, Specification, Buying Guide

Since the Corolla was introduced in 1966, Toyota has sold over 46 million Corolla vehicles. In 2020, they had sold over 70 million Corollas. This means that two Corolla cars were sold per minute in America.

The question now is, why do Nigerians and the rest of the world love the Toyota Corolla?

In Nigeria, the Corolla parts can be seen easily. It is so easy to find the spare parts for this automobile. Unlike some vehicles where you’d have to order the parts from overseas, every spare parts dealer has the parts for a Toyota Corolla. So you don’t have to panic when your car has a fault because help is right there with you.

The spare parts of the Corolla are cheap. Yes, you usually don’t have to break the bank to fix a Toyota Corolla. Someone once said jokingly that everything in a 2006 Toyota Corolla costs two thousand naira only. Including the engine. While that is obviously false, it shows us how cheap the parts of a Corolla are. It is therefore not surprising that in a country where half of the population live below the poverty line, a car with cheap spare parts is most preferred.

Moving forward, the Toyota Corolla has a low fuel consumption. This is clearly one of the things at the top of people’s list when they want to purchase an automobile because the price of fuel keeps getting higher and higher. No one wants a car they’d have to fill every other day of the week, hence the Corolla comes in handy.

If we are going, to be honest with ourselves, we know that the corolla is a beautiful car. Yes, they just have a way of staying in style even as they age and who doesn’t love a beautiful car?

2023 Toyota Corolla Exterior

Lastly, it will be safe to say that the Corolla is cheap. You can get a Toyota Corolla for as low as N800,000 or even less. But beware because this vehicle gets stolen all the time. It is so easy to steal and sell a Toyota Corolla in Nigeria, literally any Dick and Harry can do it. So you must be safety/security conscious so you don’t buy a stolen car or your Corolla doesn’t get stolen. Once a Corolla is stolen, getting it back is often a Herculean task and most times, it is never found.

I’m sure you now understand why the Corolla is a Nigerian favourite.

Top Ten Best Selling Cars of All Time

Here are the top-selling automobiles ranked by The sales listed below are in millions.

1. Toyota Corolla37.5
2. Ford F-series35
3. Volkswagen Golf27.5
4. Volkswagen Beetle23.5
5. Ford Escort (UK)20
6. Honda Civic18.5
7. Honda Accord17.5
8. Ford Model T16.5
9. Volkswagen Passat15.5
10. Chevrolet Impala14

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