My Experience Selling Things to Men With My Shape – Real Warri Pikin

My Experience Selling Things to Men With My Shape - Real Warri Pikin

My Experience Selling Things to Men With My Shape – Real Warri Pikin

It is no secret – women in the workplace have it hard. From the number of women who have come out to share their stories of being underpaid, harrassed, bullied, etc. the realities of life as a woman in the workplace are well documented.

Now, Nigerian comedian Anita Alaire Afoke Asuoha popularly known as Real Warri Pikin is adding her own story to the mix, opening up about some of the difficulties she’s had to face as a comedienne putting on a comedy show.

Speaking to Genevieve Magazine, Real Warri Pikin talked about how her curvy figure affected men when it came to buying tables for her show. This is what Real Warri Pikin said.

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Real Warri Pikin

After Real Warri Pikin hosted a comedy show in Warri, she sat down with Genevieve Magazine to talk about her experiences creating the show and selling the show.

The first thing the interviewer asked Real Warri Pikin was: “How do you determine what ideas will translate well with your audience versus those that would flat line?”

To which she responded:

Over the years, I have studied my audience and I know what they like. My audience wants me to put out marriage content, especially in Nigeria, there is the predominant belief that marriage does not work, but I have been married to my husband for nine years and it is just seamless, effortless and that is strange for a lot of people… They always want to see me dance. I also get inspired by my past experience, my environment, my pain, my joy all this motivates and inspires my content.

Then, Real Warri Pikin was asked: “Were you nervous not having performed in front of a crowd in a while?”

She responded:

Anyone would be nervous. Every comedian is nervous because standup comedy is hard. Online comedy, you will edit by yourself to perfection but when it’s live, [if] you mess up, you have messed up. And even when you begin to try to do damage control, because you see you are losing your audience, it may not work. I think being nervous is normal, it just comes with the job.

Finally, Real Warri Pikin talked about how hard selling tables were to men when asked: “How was it preparing for something like [a comedy show] especially coming from lockdown?”

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Real Warri Pikin said:

It was a bittersweet experience when preparing for my show. It was something I was running away from but eventually I did it. It was hard in the sense that I am a woman – a married woman. There are some places you will go to sell a table and [men] will say ‘2 million Naira for a table!’ Next thing you hear is, ‘But why did you rush and marry? This your waist…’ They will be saying it in a teasing way, but you know he is serious, or they will say ‘I would have bought this table for you but you are married’. However, I got support from lots of women, which is not the norm we are accustomed to; women came out, told their husbands to support me. So, yes it was hard trying to sell tables, trying to get people to sponsor because it is my first time, but we did it anyway, and it was a sold out event.

Poster of the comedy show Real Warri Pikin hosted

Na Wa! Ordinary to buy table for her show, men will still expect sexual favors from her. How does a young up and coming comedienne feel encouraged to enter such an industry? This is not a good report. I’m happy that Real Warri Pikin was still able to garner the support of women to make the show a success. Men in power – abeg you really need to start doing better abeg. Common comedy show too you wan knack first before you buy. Nawa.

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