New Generation Actors Have the Money But We Have the Art – Actor Norbert Young

New Generation Actors Have the Money But We Have the Art - Actor Norbert Young

There seems to be at this point a very clear divide in Nollywood: there is the ‘old Nollywood’ and there is the ‘new Nollywood’. As much as one would like to consolidate the experiences of these two different sects, you cannot, because the experiences and life of the older actors is very different to the experiences and life of the newer actors.

One person who has experienced this difference first hand having worked as a star actor back in the day, and is still working today with newer actors and actresses is actor, Norbert Young.

During a new interview with TVC’s eSplash, Norbert Young opened up about the differences he sees between the older generation of actors, and the newer generation of actors. Here is what the star actor said.

Norbert Young on eSplash

Speaking about the differences he sees between older actors and newer actors, Norbert Young said:

The pioneers of any industry go through a lot. It’s like their discovering the wheel so to speak. You’re charting a path that you know very little about and you’re searching. So you go through a lot, but you learn in the process and that is what you pass on to your younger ones. Nollywood started by somebody who just took a risk to put what we know as television play, television drama into VHS tape and sell to the public. And that’s how it started. And Nigerians basically embraced it, and gave it life really and a lot more people came into it. Some of us gave advice that was not taken, some of us gave advice that was taken, and we grew. The pay was very negligent then. We couldn’t survive on it alone as compared to today when actors are comfortable. Their throats are very wide now. What I would dare not ask for is what these children are asking for. Even till now, they’re very bold. And you see a lot of them did what we didn’t do. In our time we were not taught the management part of this business, but that’s where the money is. The management part, the administrative part of this business. That’s where the money is, we were not taught that. But these ones came with their turned to the back. They’re looking at the money first before the arts. And then they make all the money, they have good packaging. We don’t have good packaging. For us, it was just the show, for them it’s the show business. I think that’s the basic difference. But I challenge them, they are not better than us, the old generation, in terms of the art. They’re not better. They have the money, but we have the art.

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What do you think of what Norbert said? Do you agree as well that the new generation actors have the money but the old have the art? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment either below or on my Facebook post.

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