Obi Cubana Owns A Mercedes Maybach S-Series, The Same Car President Buhari Uses As Official car

Obi Cubana Owns A Mercedes Maybach

Obinna Iyegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana, is one of the wealthiest Nigerians today. He belongs to one per cent of the Nigerian social class. Aside from being a philanthropist and seasoned entrepreneur, Obi Cubana has a flare for cars.

Obi Cubana's Mercedes Maybach S580
Obi Cubana’s Mercedes Maybach S580

His love for cars is evident in the number of cars he has resting in his garage. These cars include two Lexus LX, Mercedes Benz 4matic S450, Range Rover, Rolls Royce Phantom, and the Mercedes Maybach S580.

The Mercedes Benz Maybach made by the German company belongs to Mercedes’ top car collection. It’s one of the most expensive luxury cars the Mercedes brand offers. In Nigeria, you’ll find a specific class driving the Maybach S-series.

However, Obi Cubana is not the only one that owns a Maybach S-series in Nigeria. The President of Nigeria, President Buhari, also uses the Maybach S-series as his official ride.

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President Buhari's Maybach S650
President Buhari’s Maybach S650

When the president came into office in 2015, one of the first things was changing his fleet. The President went for the highly luxurious Maybach S650. Unarmored, the car is slated to cost 61 million Naira. But considering that the President is armoured, the current car he rides cost 360 million Naira when it was purchased.

That’s the same car Obi Cubana buys, although the model of the Maybach he owns is the Maybach S580 that was worth 250 million Naira during purchase.

While that of the president of Nigeria is armoured, there’s every possibility Obi Cubana’s is armoured as well.

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