Question I Asked 2 Yorubas and 1 Northerner When We Boarded Plane Together Last Night – Peter Obi

Question I Asked 2 Yorubas and 1 Northerner When We Boarded Plane Together Last Night - Peter Obi

Nigerian political aspirant for the presidential candidate position come 2023 under the Labor Party, Peter Obi, is talking about a conversation he had with 2 Yorubas and one Northerner in an airplane. He uses the story to illustrate a point about Nigeria, the government, and how we as a people all affect each other. I think it’s quite an interesting analogy he gave. Here is what Peter Obi said.

Peter Obi

Speaking during a Labor Party Retreat, Peter Obi said:

I told my people, last night I had 2 Yorubas in the plane, 1 Northener, and myself. I asked them question: Do any of us know the pilot of this plane? They said no. So why did we enter this plane? I said, we entered the plane because we’re sure the man inside is pilot and we’re going to Lagos and he’s announcing to us that we’re going to Lagos, telling us about Lagos weather. A Nigerian will not be a pilot and be telling us about Dakar and somebody will say he’s a Yoruba man, he’s a Hausa man, he’s Igbo man. Are the poor people in North buying bread cheaper? Do they have free electricity? Is there anything they’re getting better? Are the poor people in South West getting bread cheaper? No. All these things you see is elite manipulation to continue the criminality of our country called Nigeria. People talk about structure, it is structure of criminality, it is structure of corruption. People tell you you cannot fight corruption, you can fight corruption if you the principal person are not stealing. Your family is not stealing. Those around you are not stealing. You reduce it by 70%. I say it any day, I was governor of Anambra for 8 years. Go and show me where their money has been stolen. The day I left office, we have three banks. Access Bank: 50 million dollars, 12 billion naira. Diamond Bank: 50 million dollars, 12 billion naira. The Diamond Bank MD as at then is the Labor Party candidate now for Abia. Go and ask him. Fidelity Bank: 55 million dollars, 12 billion naira. I could have converted it into anything and taken it away under one guise or another. Anambra has not bought me pure water since I left office as governor. Cuz there is no gratuity, no pension for governor. You finish your job, you go home. So we must do better. When we succeed, don’t go away. You must stay around to say “oga, we agree say we do go Lagos, you don begin dey go Dakar.” Cuz that’s the problem, the man will come and start giving excuse. Even if you don’t achieve 100% out of it, we want to see 100% effort. We want to see 100% sacrifice. We cannot stay like this.

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