Reason Why I’m So Misunderstood – Burna Boy

Reason Why I'm So Misunderstood - Burna Boy

Burna Boy gets introspective

Nigerian singer Burna Boy is one of the great musical exports from the country today. Globally, he has one of the biggest and most popular Afrobeats songs today in “Last Last” and has also released one of the most successful Afrobeats albums of the year, Love, Damini. Still, despite such success in his musical career, Burna Boy as a person is still very elusive and has been described by many people in unflattering terms. Some call him “arrogant”, “proud”, “too full of himself”, and the list goes on. But according to Burna Boy, he believes this is happening because he’s misunderstood.

Speaking to Dazed Magazine, Burna Boy quite introspective and spoke about his music, himself, and his thoughts on the #EndSARS protest. Here’s what the singer had to say.

Speaking about his music and being misunderstood, Burna Boy said:

I tried to use this album to allow people to get closer to me. This album was coming from a personal standpoint, and it was about me, d’you understand? Me talking to myself and in the process talking to you. It’s probably one of my most important [statements] because it felt like I was in school writing something and putting it in a time capsule.

I tend to be misunderstood and the reason why is because I’ve never really given anyone a chance to know who I am, and that’s what I tried to do. This is just how I cry, I don’t know how else to do it and that’s how it’s always been. I’ve got to the point where I don’t even care. Whoever it’s meant is who it’s meant for.

The only time it matters for me to tell my truth is in my music; otherwise it just gives people more to misunderstand or turn into entertainment. Track one [“Glory”] and the outro [from the album], they’re really letters to my future and past selves. I’m shedding light on personal things that I haven’t really touched on before. My music will be here long after I’m gone, even after my children’s children’s children. It’s a stamp in time for those who have a reality like mine. That’s what I care about.

Afrofusion started in a treehouse in Port Harcourt, so you never know where it’ll be tomorrow. Everyone will move the fuck on when I die. This will be OK without me.

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Speaking about the EndSARS movement, Burna Boy said:

My thoughts don’t matter around that. Nothing is going to change. It just is what is… I’m not going to encourage any young people to lose their lives senselessly anymore, d’you understand? When something is ready to happen, it will happen. I understand that now. You can’t jump into something that you don’t fully understand, even with our country. With understanding comes readiness for action.

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