Review: World’s First Mercedes Maybach Off-Roader

First Mercedes Maybach

For the longest time, the “Project Maybach” was awaited. This project began as the brainchild of Mercedes and the talented fashion designer, Virgil Abloh. Together with Mercedes, he collaborated and worked to design this one-off 2-seater battery-electric coupe, Maybach.

One-off Off-Roader Mercedes Maybach
One-off Off-Roader Mercedes Maybach

Now, Mercedes has officially launched the Maybach concept in honour of the fashion designer, Virgil Abloh who died from cancer in November 2021.

The concept of Maybach’s first off-roader is massive as both the interior and exterior immediately call for attention.

This article explores some of the interesting things that comprise this first-ever Maybach off-roader car.

Features Of The First-Ever Mercedes Maybach Off-Roader

Features Of The First-Ever Mercedes Maybach Off-Roader
Features Of The First-Ever Mercedes Maybach Off-Roader

Indeed, the first thing you’ll realize once you’ve seen the Mercedes Maybach off-roader is that it is designed with so many crazy features. Some of them include;

  • It’s made up of interesting details like the Maybach logos that lit up around the car
  • It’s the same size as the Maybach 6 concept
  • It made up of massive front headlights and pinstripes
  • It has a massive roll cage above the car with spotlights
  • The bonnet is so long that it incorporates solar panels
  • It has massive tires that are 17 inches wheels
  • The body of the car is carbon fibre and not really heavy
  • There are installed little drawers beside the driver’s door
  • The driver’s seat has a suitcase-like seat
  • It has an emergency axe with the Maybach logo imprinted on it
  • The parking brake follows an industrial style that allows you to smash the button instead of pressing
  • The car is basically a juxtaposition of industrial and modern designs. This is evident in the dashboard area where there’s a massive screen that still folds away.
  • The second seat folds into a bed that reveals a headspace with a light that be switched around while lying down
  • There are several compartments that fit into the car
  • The car’s side windscreen glass comes down towards the door panel

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First-Ever Mercedes Maybach Off-Roader interior
First-Ever Mercedes Maybach Off-Roader interior

Although this concept might never likely hit the market, Mercedes has taken inspiration from the car, turning it into a Virgil Abloh Maybach Specific Edition. Only 150 units of this car will be produced.

The Virgil Abloh Maybach Specific Edition
The Virgil Abloh Maybach Specific Edition

The colour of the Virgil Abloh Maybach Specific Edition is Colorado beige.

To finish off the design on the Virgil Abloh Maybach Specific Edition, you’ll find interesting trademark details on different areas of the car written as “MAYBACH VIRGIL ABLOH” and, on the inside, the compartment between the driver’s seat and passenger’s you’ll find Virgil Abloh heavily encrypted with the unit number of the car.

Indeed, it’s as though Mercedes designed this car in collaboration with Virgil Abloh in order to engrave his memory as the car speaks truly of his incredible designs.


What’s interesting about the one-off Maybach Off-roader is that it takes out some of the luxury styles and designs of the luxury Maybach, roughening it up a bit to create an industrial Maybach that’s capable of withstanding off-road activities, which loudly speaks Virgil’s design language.

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