Sijibomi Ogundele Net worth 2022, Biography, Cars, House – The man bring Dubai to Nigeria

Sijibomi Ogundele is on the list of the richest Nigerian men under 40. He is regarded as one of the youngest Nigerian billionaires. But how has he gotten to the billionaire stage only while in his 30s?

This article chronicles important and interesting facts about this young billionaire you didn’t know about.

Sijibomi Ogundele Net Worth 

From an early age, Sijibomi’s contempt for poverty has served as his consistent driving force. As such, one of the lucrative ways to build wealth is through investment. For Sijibomi, real estate investment is his favourite field to play. With this, he has amassed a net worth that’s valued at around $400 million which keeps growing.

Sijibomi Ogundele
Sijibomi Ogundele
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Real nameSijibomi Ogundele
Date of birthApril 8th, 1981
Country of OriginFederal Republic of Nigeria
Source of WealthReal estate
Net worth$400 million

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Sijibomi Ogundele’s Biography 

Sijibomi was born on April 8th, 1981 into a home with a father who worked a 9-5 job as a manager and a mother who was a full-time entrepreneur.

He grew up on the streets of Agege Lagos and attended state-owned schools. For his primary school, he went to Oko-Oba primary school where he also got his First School Leaving Certificate. To further his education, he attended Model College, for his secondary school. He also acquired a law degree from Anglia Ruskin.  With his mother being a trader, he grew up around the Oke-Arian market, filled with industrious Igbo traders which partly influenced his passion for business.

Growing up in Oko-Oba, a neighbourhood where only two households could be found owning a generator set in over 47 houses on the street, this became a challenging factor that made him hate poverty. To date, Sijibomi admits that poverty has remained a major driving force for him.


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At some point in his childhood, he worked briefly as a wheelbarrow pusher for his trader mother in Oke-Arin, Lagos Island.  Sijibomi is a multi-tribal Nigerian and a polyglot who speaks several languages which include, including Hausa, Yoruba, French, Spanish, a bit of Arabic and Japanese.

Sijibomi with prominent people
Sijibomi with prominent people

Today, his businesses have brought him close to prominent figures like Aliko Dangote, Tony Elumelu and many other prominent people.

Sijibomi Ogundele Career

Sijibomi Ogundele Career

For most who had a smooth start to their career quest, Sijibomi did not exactly have it that way. Before venturing into the real estate business, he first started a bike business from his savings.

Despite their parents’ disapproval, he drew his inspiration from his mother’s entrepreneurial spirit and grew his bike business from 1 to 6 motorcycles.

Although being a lawyer, in 2004, he started his career in risk assessment where he moved up to lending in SMEs and set up Moto Finance in Paris which later branched out to Accra, Dubai, Madrid, and New York City.

Subsequently, his interest in the real estate business also grew while he was in South France as a real estate agent in 2011. His first kick was buying an apartment and remodelling it and reselling it for double the price.  This piqued his interest in the real estate business. After that, he leapt into the Nigerian Real Estate industry, Risk Assessment, and Project Management.

In 2013, he founded the company, Sujimoto in partnership with the real estate mogul, Mr Yazeed Alrahji, Chairman of DAEM Real Estate Investment Company, Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum andand Sijibomi Ogundele
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Sijibomi Ogundele

His company Sujimoto is named after his mentor, Sujimoto Koga, a Japanese university professor who he has often described as the man that boosted his confidence, and caused a lifelong change in his life and business.

His company’s first major real estate project was Lincoln Avenue, a set of 16 townhouses of 4-bedroom apartments (in conjunction with Wonda World/Petronia) in Accra, Ghana, he thereafter went on to construct Medici Terraces Luxury Apartments in Lagos.

Today, Sujimoto Construction Limited, a subsidiary of Sujimoto Group of Companies, is a leading name in luxury real estate.

sujimotong ongoing luxury projects
sujimoto ongoing luxury projects

The firm also built the tallest residential building, Lorenzo, in Lagos. The company has also carved out a niche for itself with Medici.

Sujimoto is a luxury construction company that focuses on building edifices in upscale neighbourhoods of Ikoyi and Banana Island.

Sujimoto’s luxury homes have attracted clients like managing directors of multinational companies, billionaires, and artists like Davido. He is also the man behind Davido’s $1,500,000 luxury home in Banana Island.

His company also reports annual revenue of $30 million on its many ongoing luxury projects in Lagos and Abuja.

Sijibomi Ogundele Cars

As a luxury lover and man of the people, Sijibomi Ogundele has most of the luxury and expensive cars you can think of, during a video commercial of sujimoto and Comedian @BillionairePrinceWhite we believe the vehicle used in that skit is all owned by the real estate boss Mr Sijibomi, those cars include three Rolls Royce Phantom, three Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, One Toyota Hilux

  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
Sijibomi Ogundele Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
Sijibomi Ogundele Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
Sijibomi Ogundele Rolls Royce Phantom
Sijibomi Ogundele Rolls Royce Phantom

Sijibomi Ogundele House

As a real estate mogul, there’s every certainty that Sijibomi Ogundele has his own homes. But, they’re not completely public knowledge. One certainty is that his business mirrors the types of homes he owns privately.


Although being a private person when it comes to his personal life, Sijibomi Ogundele’s life successes are inspirational for a young man who grew up without aspiring to reach his dreams.

How old is the owner of Sujimoto?

Sijibomi Ogundele is on the list of the richest Nigerian men under 40. He is regarded as one of the youngest Nigerian billionaires.

How did Sujimoto make his money?

Sujimoto’s career started in risk assessment, where he moved from lending in SMEs to set up Moto France in Paris with branches in New York City, Madrid, Dubai and Accra obtaining significant industry goals (milestones), he then founded Sujimoto thereby moving into the Nigerian Real Estate industry

Who is Sijibomi ogundele father?

Pa Samson Idowu Ogundele

Who is Sijibomi ogundele?

The young and quintessential luxury real estate mogul and CEO of Sujimoto Group, Sijibomi Ogundele, is one whose enchanting personality and audacious influence cannot be overlooked.

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