Tears of Joy as Lady welcomes gives birth after Several Miscarriages (Photos)

Tears of Joy as Lady welcomes gives birth after Several Miscarriages (Photos)

Tears of Joy as Lady welcomes gives birth after Several Miscarriages (Photos)

Lady has taken to social media sharing her testimony as she welcomes her child after Several Miscarriages. This is miracle, God can never fail.

The latest mom overwhelmed with joy while sharing her testimony, she recount her ordeal after loosing her pregnancy several times through miscarriages some at 3 months, 6 months and 5 months.

Indeed women go through a lot! God almighty can never fail his children.

The latest mom while sharing her testimony in her words she wrote:

I want to encourage someone here today how faithful God is, never give up and be steadfast in prayers. I got married about 9 years ago, after 9 months, boom, I had my twins girls, my cupcakes, na so I begin happy. I got pregnant after 2 years then lost it at 3 months, took in again after 6 months , lost it again, this time I was worried but hubby told be to calm down and let’s try again, after some time , I got pregnant again for the 3rd time, it was a twin, 2 boys , I was so happy, was on best rest for 3 months, watching my steps and everything I do, I started shopping for baby things at 5 months even have a name for them, na so one day I begin feel labor pain , jesu, my pregnancy was just 6 months, I was rushed to the hospital,to cut the long story short, I lost my babies, my twin boys. I cried my eyes out, begged God to take my life, I cried my eyes out, told hubby I am done trying, he told me to have faith that God knows meanwhile I went to hospital to do proper test, the Dr said nothing was wrong with me, I went again to one of the best hospital in the city , same thing they said, then I knew the battle is of the lord, I prayed and cried to God, behold he stood my me, I got pregnant again, this time I was anxious and scared at the same time, at 8 weeks I started spotting, jesu, my village pple have cm again, I was so scared, rushed to the hospital and the Dr told me that everything is fine, the journey was a smooth ride, no fever, no sickness, I glowed all thru, I delivered my baby princess at 38 weeks to the Glory of God. God is too faithful too fail.

Congratulations to you mommy, to all the awaiting mom’s out there. Get ready to carry your child.

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