The 10 Problems With Owning A BMW In Nigeria – Know This Before Buying

BMW is among the top list of luxury car brands with the most dedicated number of owners, fans, and admirers. According to Luxe Digital, BMW ranks third on the list, immediately after Mercedes Benz and Tesla. Why is that? BMW cars are among the global luxury brands shaping the global automobile industry.

BMW Cars Price – BMW Cars For Sale In Nigeria
BMW Cars Price – BMW Cars For Sale In Nigeria

BMW spends years researching, developing, and testing to bring a car into the market. The work goes even deeper for the brand’s luxury electric models. The quality of cars this brand produces attracts the attention of so many people across the globe. Nigeria is one of the countries with so many people obsessed with BMW cars as they are with Toyota and Mercedes.

As such, so many Nigerians dream of having a BMW car to their name. But, before you make that move of buying a BMW in Nigeria, it’s worth knowing all the angles, the pros, and cons of owning and driving BMW cars in Nigeria. We have compiled ten problems associated with owning BMW cars in Nigeria to assist you with that. Please keep reading to learn about them.

10 BMW Problems In Nigeria Car Lovers Should Know

Despite how much Nigerians love BMW cars, many are scared of owning a BMW car. But why are Nigerians scared of owning BMWs? Below are some of the reasons why most Nigerians are afraid of this luxury car.

  1. BMW Cars Have Complex Electrical Systems

BMW is on the top list of car brands that quickly incorporate high-tech features into their cars. The brand is constantly looking for advanced new features to upgrade its cars. A good instance is the recent BMW cars like the BMW iX, BMW i4 sport sedan, and the AWD 3 series that come with some of the most advanced features not available in many cars yet.

Another instance was the BMW E60, and when it first launched with the I-Drive feature, that took almost five years before it appeared in other cars. That’s to say that BMW is always ahead of other brands with their electrical system design. As such, complexity and difficulty in maintenance in some parts of the world.

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ooni of ife BMW SERIES 7
ooni of ife BMW SERIES 7

Cars with complex systems require careful attention, car, and specified maintenance which most Nigerians can’t afford. It is one of the primary reasons why many Nigerians shy away from owning it due to how complex the maintenance process can be for an average Nigerian.

  1. BMW Has An Extensive Use Of Plastic

If you are familiar with BMW cars, you’ll know that the brand uses plastic for many of its car parts. The pipes, cooling system, turbocharger, valve, and engine cover are all made using plastic. The problem with car parts made with plastic is that they wear out quickly due to high pressure and require quick replacement to avoid damage.

The brand makes car parts using plastics to make the car feel lighter. But, Nigeria has a hot climate, and maintaining it will require a lot of money.

  1. BMW Car Parts Are Not Easily Accessible

Nothing turns off potential car buyers than realizing that the car they want to buy has limited available car parts in the market. This is the situation with BMW cars in Nigeria. Having a BMW car in Nigeria is stressful because you’ll always find it difficult sourcing for quality car parts.

  1. BMW Car Parts Are Expensive 

With how scarce the BMW car parts are in Nigeria, what this means is that it costs a lot more to import them into the country. BMW owners will still find spare car parts of the car in Nigeria, but the downside is usually how expensive these car parts are. Don’t be surprised to find an original car part of a BMW sold for over 200 thousand Naira, which is five times higher than what you will buy that part for another car brand.

  1. BMW Car Parts Have A Lot Of Immitation In The Nigerian Market

When a car part is often scarce and expensive, the resulting issue is that you’ll find a lot of imitations in the market. Nigerians are prone to always search for cheaper options. You might buy a fake part because you don’t have the remaining 30% to add to the original.

It still means trouble for a BMW owner in Nigeria because you’ll keep changing those car parts.

  1. Getting Original BMW Car Parts Takes Time

Even when you decide to take the high road and go for the original car parts, you’ll still have to pay the time price. International shipping in Nigeria takes a lot of time. You can wait for months or weeks before it is delivered. And even when delivered, it might attract custom fees. So, the average Nigerian considers all of these before going for a BMW.

  1. Scarcity of BMW Mechanic Experts in Nigeria

BMW mechanics in Nigeria are not as many as Toyota mechanics in Nigeria. BMW cars need only BMW mechanics, who are few, booked, and busy. If you own a BMW and live in smaller towns in Nigeria, you might realize that finding a perfect mechanic for your BMW is rare. Most times, BMW owners in Nigeria have to book down mechanics from bigger cities like Lagos to come and repair their cars.

That’s not a small fit for the average Nigerian; BMW only exists as the stuff of admiration than purchase for them.

  1. BMW Cars Experience Easy Leaks & Breakages

One of the bad reputations of BMW cars is that they are easily broken. The coolant or oil leak is due to damaged essential parts like the water pump, engine seal, and sump. What this means is that owners are subjected to regular visual inspections.

  1. BMW Cars Develop Vibrations When Braking

BMW cars develop the fault of excessive vibration when you apply brake from driving at high speed. However, it is an issue once the suspension system or the brake rotates. Usually, bad roads ruin the suspension system, and Nigerian roads are so bad that they’ll ruin your BMW.

  1. BMW Cars Have Low Resale Value In Nigeria

Due to these mentioned problems with BMW cars in Nigeria, not many people want to own them. As such, the resale cost is lowered to get it off the hands of owners. Not surprisingly, Toyota cars have higher resale value than BMWs in Nigeria.


While BMW cars are some of the world’s leading cars in the automobile industry, in Nigeria, the value drops as many odds are stacked against the Nigerian owner of a BMW.

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