The Future 2021 BMW i4: What We know

BMW is gearing up to unleash their slew of EV products and I think we all should be paying attention to their upcoming new i4 sedan set to battle the king, the Model 3. BMW’s i4 Concept previews the production car set to hit the roads in 2021. Concept i4 uses BMW’s 5th generation electric powertrain that will be used on the iNext and iX3. The exterior design is said to be very identical to the upcoming road car and here it wears a Frozen Light Copper paint with blue accents. ⠀

2021 BMW i4 carmart
2021 BMW i4

It is powered by an electric motor making around 523HP with an around 80kWh battery pack capable of 372miles of range on the WLTP euro cycle aka around 275-300miles in the EPA cycle. And yep, that will be more powerful than the upcoming new M4!

2021 bmw i4 interior
2021 BMW i4

The special aero wheels help to not only improve aerodynamics but also to increase range. The rear and front are very BMW for 2020 with the new massive kidney grills, Lexus like taillights and slim LED headlights. The rear does have this unusual split diffuser though. The interior is finally something fresh for BMW with a new idrive system and controllers made from crystal. The main highlights of the interior are the extensive blue and copper accents, something to carry over to production. Get ready as this new interior will spread across the BMW lineup!

2021 BMW i4 carmart1
2021 BMW i4

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