Tips To Keep Your Car Cool This Hot Season

In Nigeria currently, everyone is feeling the heat and doing everything they can to stay cool as possible. In the same way, you feel uncomfortable because of the heat, your car also needs some pampering to effectively manage the sun’s wrath this season. Seasons come and go, there will always be the hot season (or summer). Here are a few tips to keep your car cool this hot season:

  1. Park Under A Shade

This right here is the easiest tip. Quite strange though, most people still don’t follow it even though there is a shade nearby. In a bid to park in a hurry, most drivers just park anywhere they find a space. However, for your own good and that of a car, you should endeavour to do a little eye scan to find a shade or a parking lot somewhere where you can park.

  1. Keep The Windows Down Bit

Quite frankly, in Nigeria, it might be a bit hard to find a shade or an available parking lot nearby where you can safely park your car away from direct sunlight. However, if this is your situation, you can manage it better by keeping your windows down a bit when you are done parking. Doing this will allow for some air to pass through and keep your car cool.

  1. Use A Sunshade Or Window Visor

As humans, when the sun is up, we tend to wear sunscreens. The same principle applies to your car. Using a sunshade will prevent and/or limit the passage of sun rays that heats the interior of the car. They can also prevent colour fade of your fabric and dashboard. There are different kinds of sunshades or window visors you can use for your car, you can buy and make your pick at any car accessory shop near you.

  1. Make Some Space In Your Car

It’s harder for your car to stay cool this summer if your car is jam-packed with lots of supplies, bags, toys, garbage etc. If you can, try to declutter your car and/or arrange things properly. This will create space and ensure the free circulation of air. Your car’s interior atmosphere also feels pleasant when you declutter and there is visible space.

  1. Turn On The A/C With The Window Open

Turning on the A/C with your window open is an essential tip to keep your car cool especially if you are about to enter or drive a heated car. When you open your car door, simply roll down the windows and blast on the AC. This will allow the hot air to blow out faster, and the cool air to fill your car interior quickly.

  1. Keep Your Seats Covered

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Most car seat materials are made of dark or black cloth materials that tend to absorb heat well. These materials are mainly responsible for your car’s interior heating up this hot season. If you have to park, you can keep the seats covered with a towel, blanket or light cotton so that heat won’t be absorbed easily. You can also buy cooling cushions. This will remarkably reduce the heat and even make you enjoy lengthy journeys better.

  1. Install Solar Fans

Solar fans are portable fans installed on your car’s window. As the name implies, they are powered by solar energy. Solar fans are effective in keeping your car cool. With a solar fan installed on your windows, rather than the sun entering your car to heat up the interior, the solar energy is converted by the solar fans to keep your car and you cool.

  1. Use Reflective Car Paint

The colour of the car paint plays a key role in determining the intensity of sun rays that pass through into your car. It’s best to use reflective car paint, as this will reflect some of the sun rays away from your car, thereby making your car cool to an extent.

  1. Leave Your Car Doors Open Before Entering

If you have parked your car out in. the sun for a long time, it’s normal for heat to build up. It will be grossly uncomfortable for you to jump right in and drive off once you open your car. The best thing to do is to leave your car doors open for a few minutes to allow the hot air exit and cool air to enter.

  1. Cover Your Dashboard And Steering Wheel

It can be a pain to suddenly touch a heated up steering wheel and dashboard. To prevent this and generally keep your car interior cool, always ensure to cover the dashboard and steering wheel.


You can make driving comfortable for you in this hot season by using the tips listed above. Your car needs to be cool for optimum performance and comfort while driving.

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