Top Five Cars To Buy Under R150,000 In South Africa 2021

Cars! Gone are the days when having a car was deemed a luxury. Having a car is a necessity considering the ever-growing rate of urbanization. A car comes in handy for commuting, traveling, road trips, and a host of other things. Choosing the kind and model of car is seemingly becoming a Herculean task. We are spoilt for choices because of the different models that are being churned out from different brands every month of the year.

If the choice of a car to buy is difficult, finding one that suits your budget is as important as making a choice of car to buy. For the sake of your financial stability, it is wise to buy a car that suits your lifestyle and budget. In this article, we have compiled a list of five cars you can buy for under R150, 000. You will get good value for your money with these models.

1. Mahindra Kuv100 Nxt 1,2 G80 K2+ (R142, 999)

Mahindra Kuv100 Nxt 1,2 G80 K2
Mahindra Kuv100 Nxt 1,2 G80 K2

The Mahindra KUV100 Nxt 1,2 G80 k2+ is your typical budget car. Not only is its price of R142, 499 pockets friendly, but it is also powered by a 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine with 61 kW and 115 Nm. The Mahindra gives you a decent performance with its 5-speed manual transmission and has 2 airbags and ABS with EBD as safety features.

Apart from its good safety features, the engine of the car is also worth paying attention to. Located in the front of the car, the engine has an average fuel consumption of 5.9/100km which is quite economical. Power max rpm and torque max rpm are 5500r/min and 3500r/min.

Finally, the Mahindra has cloth upholstery and standard air conditioning for your aesthetics and comfort.

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2. Suzuki Celerio 1,0 Ga (R144,900)

Suzuki Celerio 1,0 Ga
Suzuki Celerio 1,0 Ga

The Suzuki brand is global. They have been around for a while so you can be sure of what you are getting with your money. The Celerio’s engine is powerful with 3 cylinders and 90Nm of torque. It has a 5-speed manual transmission but that is not a problem. The Celerio is also available in 5-speed automatic transmission as well. Fuel consumption is economical at 4.7/100km with a top speed of 155km

The Celerio accelerates from 0-100km/h in just 14seconds so you have no speed problems if you have to take a long trip. What else is good? You only need to service the car after every 15 000km travelled. How is that for efficiency! The Celerio is safe with 2 airbags and ABS. Its ISOFIX child seat mountings in the rear with standard air conditioning make it family-friendly.

3. Renault Kwid 1,0 Expression (144,900)

Renault Kwid 1,0 Expression
Renault Kwid 1,0 Expression

Apart from its popularity in South Africa, the Renault Kwid also happens to be Renault’s best selling model in the country. The car is powered by a 50kW engine with 1L fuel (petrol) capacity and 91Nm of torque. The company offers Renault Kwid in both manual and automatic transmissions. You can get it anyhow you want it. With 2 airbags, standard ABS, and a central remote locking system, the safety of your car has been well taken care of.

The technological component of the Kwid includes a standard onboard computer, USB port and Bluetooth connectivity. You also get standard air conditioning and electric windows for comfort.

4. Suzuki S-Presso 1.0 Gl (R145,900)

Suzuki S-Presso 1.0 Gl
Suzuki S-Presso 1.0 Gl

The S-Presso is the second Suzuki model on our list of cars under R150 000 in South Africa. This model hit the market in 2020 and it’s an ideal car for first-time buyers. Basic engine specs include a maximum power of 50Kw and average fuel consumption of 4.9/100km. The S-Presso’s driven wheels are front-wheel drive with a standard power steering.

Like other cars on this list, you have yourself standard air conditioning but that’s not all. You also get standard electric windows. Apart from airbags and ABS for safety, the S-Presso also has a standard remote central locking system.

The technology in the car is the icing on the cake with an onboard computer and multi-information display available for buyers. With all these goodies, your R145,900 will definitely be well spent if you do buy the car.

5. Baic D20 1.3 Comfort (R149,990)

Baic D20 1.3 Comfort
Baic D20 1.3 Comfort

Finally, we have the BAIC D20 1.3 comfort. It is the cheapest of the five BAIC D20 models at a relatively modest price of R149,900. The Chinese automakers entered South Africa in 2017 and have wasted no time unleashing their awesome range of models into the market.

The basic specs of the 1.3 comfort are a 1.3-litre petrol capacity with a maximum engine power of 75kW and a 148Nm of torque. The car is available with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. The engine is quite efficient but it is good to take note that servicing is required after every 10,000km travelled. The safety features include 2 airbags, a standard ISOFIX child seat mountings, ABS, and a remote central locking system.

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