Top Nigerian Female Celebrities with Exotic Cars 

Most people think many Nigerian female celebrities are known for just fashion all the time, but the truth is, some of them actually love and own exotic cars.

In a post on Instagram by Tunde Ednut, he posted pictures and videos of Nigerian female celebrities posing with their cars, captioning it; “I love seeing our beautiful Nigerian women showing off their exotic cars. The thing dey sweet me because most of them work so hard and they deserve it. Young girls out there get motivated and keep pushing.” He tagged three female celebrities which are Faith Morey, Linda Ikeji and Kika Osunde.

Faith Morey

Kika Osunde
Faith Morey cars

Faith Morey may not be so popular to some people but she is one of the biggest international models from this part of the world. The supermodel probably owns one of the most expensive garages in the entertainment industry. The model owns a Roll Royce Phantom and a Rolls Royce Wraith and in addition, has one of the most expensive Bentleys in town; Bentley Continental GT.

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji cars
Linda Ikeji Latest Car Collections – Linda Ikeji Car Gallery

Linda Ikeji is unarguably one of the wealthiest celebrities in the country. She owns some of the most expensive cars in town. Her cars alone can start up a low-cost housing scheme in the suburbs in any part of Nigeria. The popular blogger owns several expensive cars in her garage including a 2020 Range Rover Autobiography. Ikeji got her son a Bentley Mulsanne immediately after his birth. These cars are worth over N300 Million. Linda Ikeji Latest Car Collections – Linda Ikeji Car Gallery

Kika Osunde

Faith Morey cars
Kika Osunde cars

Kika Osunde, also known as Kika Good Hair, is a female celebrity you would have to mention when talking about celebrities with expensive cars. The serial entrepreneur is one of the wealthiest and most influential celebrities in town. She has never shied away from showing off her fleet of expensive cars on social media. Kika owns a Mercedes Benz Gwagon and a Mercedes Benz S class.

These Nigerian female celebrities and more are paving way for many ladies to see that not only men are capable of owning a fleet of expensive cars in Nigeria.

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