Top Things To Do When You’re A Victim Of Car Road Accident 

Road accidents have become one of the leading issues in Nigeria lately. While no one wants to fall victim to a road accident, sometimes, they are unprecedented.

Road accidents in Nigeria are exacerbated by bad roads, bad vehicle or vehicle parts, and reckless driving. Road accidents cannot be completely wiped off, but they can be reduced if reckless driving is reduced, car owners ensure their vehicles are fit for the road, and the government puts in the effort to make roads motorable.

While all these are suggestions, it’s also important to know what to do in times of road accidents. This article shares helpful things to do if you’re involved in a road accident.

Top Things To Do When You’re A Victim Of Road Accident 

What to Do if You are involved in a Car Accident

If there’s one thing that comes with a road accident, it’s confusion. Most accident victims stay confused for some time when an accident occurs. It’s like a moment of trying to recollect a near-death experience. If you’re a road accident victim but sustained minor to no injury, here are things to do.

  1. Do Not Panic

When involved in an accident, the default resort of many is panicking. Panicking after an accident is entirely normal. But increased panic could become hypertensive. Try to calm yourself, reduce screaming, and shift from the accident scene to recollect your thoughts.

  1. Call For Help Immediately 

Recently, accidents occurring in Nigeria have left some passengers dead and others alive. If you happen to be involved in an accident where some others sustained a severe injury or are unconscious, be the first to call for help.

Help could be calling the FRSC or any emergency hotline that’ll come immediately to attend to accident victims. An urgent call for help reduces the chances of life loss during an accident.

  1. Don’t Leave The Accident Scene.

If you’re involved in an accident, it’s not advisable to leave the accident scene in so many ways. Remain there until help comes. Sometimes, accident victims with no trace of physical injury leave without realizing they might sustain a concussion.

If you’re involved in a hit-and-run, instead of leaving, try as much as possible to get the details of the disappeared vehicle. You’ll be needing that information soon.

  1. Call Close Friends Or Family Members

When you’re involved in an accident and unable to move an inch, you must reach out to close friends or family members. Do not call friends or family far away to avoid giving them anxiety.

Stick to calling those close by. Calling them could either be to inform them but majorly so they’d come to your rescue.

  1. Go To The Hospital For A Medical Check-Up

It’s common to go through an accident not sustaining any physical injury but later developing effects from the accident. Whether you sustained an injury, ensure you visit the hospital after the accident for some medical assessment.

The importance of medical checkups after an accident is to make sure you’ve not sustained internal injuries. It’s also to treat any possible internal injury.


Car accidents are never an easy sight. Taking precautions helps reduce car accidents. While accident victims can play essential parts after an accident, those who witness the accident also have a role to play.

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