What Every Nigerian Should Know Before Changing The Color Of Their Car – legal requirements

Before you think of changing the colour of your car to another desired colour, there are several legal procedures you’ll have to go through. Failure to follow through with these procedures might result in a serious legal offence.

In Nigeria, it’s very common for many car owners to think the legal requirements of owning a car end after you’ve gotten your car license and other necessities. Well, it doesn’t end at that especially if you plan on repainting your car in the near future.

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For many Nigerians who might not know about the legal requirements and procedures for repainting a car, Aliyu Giwa, Assistant Force Police Public Relations Officer, provides every Nigerian with an exhaustive list of requirements to follow before repainting a car.

In a Twitter thread, he highlights legal requirements which almost seem unreal to most people who have read the thread.

He says, “If you want to change the colour of your car or you already did! You need to know this!

“In part 2 section 13 of the National Road Traffic Regulation 2012! It says and I quote: where the colour of a vehicle is to be changed, the owner shall apply for approval from the authority.

“In Form MVA (Motor Vehicle Administration) 6 of schedule 1 to these regulations and unless such an application is approved, the owner of the vehicle shall be restrained from changing the colour of the vehicle.

“2. A new vehicle license shall be issued after payment of the fees prescribed to reflect the new colour of the vehicle and the old vehicle license shall be withdrawn from the owner.

“3. Any alterations or changes in the particulars of the vehicle shall be reflected in the registration book by the appropriate authority.

“4. Where the colour of the vehicle is changed without due approval, the license of such a vehicle shall become invalid & the owner of the vehicle has committed an offence under these Regulations and shall be liable on conviction to a fine of N3,000 or to imprisonment for a term of 6 months or both.”

Many Nigerians who have since been reading this thread concerning repainting of vehicles are mostly surprised considering how repainting a vehicle without due process could land one in prison.

Ending the thread, the Police Superintendent who is always sharing Twitter threads on security & safety, negotiation strategy and leadership informs car owners in Nigeria saying, “know this and have a rest of mind.”

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