Why I Can’t Accept 10 Million Naira for Endorsement Deal – Shank Comics

Why I Can't Accept 10 Million Naira for Endorsement Deal - Shank Comics
Why I Can't Accept 10 Million Naira for Endorsement Deal - Shank Comics

Why I Can’t Accept 10 Million Naira for Endorsement Deal – Shank Comics

I will be the first to admit that I do not follow a lot of online comedy skit creators. I don’t really know who the new kids on the block are or who is currently trending or number 1 right now. Apart from the very big ones I see occasionally getting reposted by bigger pages or the ones that really trend, I don’t really see a whole lot of skits. BUT one thing I do know about skits and skit makers is that the industry is a multi-million naira industry.

As I was perusing through the internet looking for interesting things happening around the country, I came across this interview with an upcoming comedian named Shankcomics that completely blew my mind. Immediately I knew I had to come and tell you about it.

Shankcomics is an Instagram comic and skit maker who currently at the time of this writing has 816,000 followers on Instagram. He is followed by major Nigerian celebrities like Funke Akindele, Tunde Ednut, Sydney Talker, and more. Here’s a compilation of some of his skits if you’re interested in seeing what he does.

This week, Shank Comics went to sit down with the cool kids over at Cool FM to discuss comedy, skit making, etc. The part of the interview that really stood out for me and really surprised me was the part where Shank was asked how much he gets paid for endorsement deals. Shank revealed not only how much he used to get paid for endorsement deals, he also revealed how much he charges now for endorsement deals and skit advertisements. Spoiler alert: the numbers aren’t small.

Without further ado, here’s what Shank said about how much he collects for brand endorsement and skit making.

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Shankcomics on Cool FM

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Here is the relevant excerpt about how much Shank charges. Here’s how the conversation went:

Interviewer – I see a lot of people delving into skits and being influencers and it’s looking like it’s being very lucrative. What would you say is the most you made from being a content creator?

Shankcomics – Most like?

Interviewer – The highest amount you made?

Shankcomics – Once or everything together.

Interviewer – At once. Not everything together. What’s the biggest payout you got for one deal from a brand?

Shankcomics – Uhhhh, earlier this year, never again though, but earlier this year I was still like on 200k followers. So I was paid I think ten million for an endorsement. Which is not gonna happen again because now it’s like times four.

Interviewer – So what you’re pretty much saying is that that’s not even gonna be the case, it’s gonna be a lot higher when you get new deals.

Shankcomics – Of course. Like now I charge two million for a skit, to make an ad video. So obviously if I’m going to get an endorsement deal, it’s going to be a whole lot bigger.

Wow, 2 million naira just for one Instagram skit. At least ten million naira for an endorsement deal. HA! Is it time me too go and start making comedy skits for Instagram?

Let me know what you think about Shank’s incredible prices by leaving a comment either below or on my Facebook post. I’m so curious to see what you think.

That’s All.

Why I Can’t Accept 10 Million Naira for Endorsement Deal – Shank Comics

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