Why I Disappeared for 6 Years – Actor, Joseph Benjamin Finally Speaks Out

Why I Disappeared for 6 Years - Actor, Joseph Benjamin Finally Speaks Out

Nigerian actor, musician, and TV presenter famous for hosting Project Fame, Joseph Benjamin, was by far one of the most biggest and most promising actors in the industry especially in the early 2010s. Joseph’s demeanor, looks, and speech pattern made him standout in the industry and he was dominating in his field, appearing in a number of blockbuster movies, and being heavily bankable.

But then, Joseph Benjamin seemingly disappeared from the Nigerian movie industry. He began appearing in random episodes of American productions and one or two productions overseas. So what happened? Why did he leave the Nigerian movie industry for about 6 years? That is what Nigerian TV host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu sat down to ask the prolific actor during a new episode of Rubbin’ Minds. Here is what Joseph Benjamin said happened.

Joseph Benjamin on Rubbin’ Minds

“You were everywhere, movies, music, TV. And then for a lot of people, it looked like you just sort of dropped off the face of entertainment here. We started seeing you appear in things internationally. But for a while it looks like you just went off the radar. Was that family related? Was that a personal decision? Did work stop coming? What happened?”

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Work was going real fine, it was a personal decision. And at the time, I know a lot of people thought I had lost it. They were confused. Trying to connect why I would make such a move. Like, you have such an amazing career going for you here, why would you just up and leave and go to an industry where you literally would have to start afresh. Like what informed that decision? I had gotten to the point where I wanted more. And the industry at the time then was going through I would say a remodelling. Trying to redefine itself. And for me, I felt like I had gotten to that point where there was not anymore growth for me, cuz you’re the only one who would obviously know how far you’re going. So I wanted to explore and I had always wanted to explore the industry out there knowing that it would be a task. So I said “let me go” and people would say “oh you have a career here”, that’s the thing, I’m the career. Wherever I go, the career goes with me. It’s not tied to a specific geographical location. And that’s how I moved and for like six years. I literally had to start from the beginning, but it was good. Good in the sense that it took me away from all that I had known to make me understand that there are other dimensions to this thing that you’ve thought you acquired so that you can grow. Cuz if you hold on to the old, there would be no way to see that there is room for improvement to become better. So that break helped me grow.

Joseph Benjamin is now making his way back into the Nigerian movie industry making appearances recently in Mo Abudu’s directorial debut and a number of other movies he says we should anticipate. What do you think about Joseph’s decision to leave the industry, and what do you think now that he is back? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment either below or on my Jide Okonjo Facebook post.

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