Why Nigerians Prefer Toyota Sienna Over Other Minivans

Nigerians Prefer Toyota Sienna

In Nigeria and all over the world, minivans are famously driven by people who have children. It is common knowledge that any man who drives a minivan is married, regardless of what he tells you. Also, it is worthy to note that Nigerians love the Toyota Sienna minivan above all other minivans that are available in the market and today, we’ll be exploring why that is so.

Reasons Why The Sienna Is Most Preferred

  1. Low Fuel Consumption

If you have a lot of kids, you’ll know that going from one location to another will be the highlight of your day because your children will have different things they need to attend to and fortunately enough, you get to drive them around. Let’s not even talk about them being in different schools. With the ever-increasing fuel rates, it is only wise for you to buy a minivan with low fuel consumption so all your money doesn’t go into refilling your fuel tank every three days.

  1. It Is Spacious

When compared to most minivans, Sienna wins in terms of space and with children/families space is everything. Because we will forever have to feud children and teenagers who want their space. So Nigerians save themselves the trouble of separating fights by buying a minivan with just enough space to occupy everyone. This spaciousness also comes in handy when going on road trips.

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  1. Low Cost Of Maintenance

You can hardly see anyone who owns a Toyota and complains about the high cost of maintaining the car. It almost never happens, except the person’s mechanic is a scam. The same goes for the Sienna. With children, trust me when I say your worst nightmare is having your car sleepover at the mechanics workshop because your children have to school the next day and navigating four children on a means of public transport isn’t for the faint-hearted. However, we thank God for those kind neighbours and Uber/Bolt drivers.

  1. Durability

Like most Toyota vehicles, the Sienna is very durable. It is very easy to see someone trying to sell their sienna because they want to buy a more recent model and not because the car is faulty. The Sienna is that good.

  1. Low Selling Price

I’d want to say the Toyota Sienna is cheap but that would be a slap on their faces so I’ll call them affordable. When compared to other minivans in the market, you’ll discover that the Sienna is more affordable for middle-class Nigerian families as opposed to other brands. It gets interesting because due to the second-hand value of this minivan, you can get it at a giveaway price and it will still be functional and not make your mechanic your best friend.


Those are certainly enough reasons for anyone to join the Toyota Minivan club. Sadly, due to the fact that Toyota is making most of their SUVs 8-seaters, we are most likely expecting a decline in the purchase of Sienna beginning from the year 2023. But bear in mind that the Sienna can never fade away.

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